Episode 1

Night Of The River Monsters

Animal expert Coyote Peterson journeys through the wilds of Australia to track down a long-finned eel and find out what makes it a top predator.

Episode 2

Deadly Tide Pools

Animal expert Coyote Peterson explores the inner tide pools along Australia's Sunshine Coast to find and get close to its venomous marine creatures.

Episode 3

Sharks In The Shadows

Animal expert Coyote Peterson navigates the turbulent waters of Australia's tide pools at night to find and get close to the elusive wobbegong sharks.

Episode 4

Dragons Of The North

Coyote Peterson is in Australia's Northern Territory to find and interact with two species of dangerous predator: the saltwater and freshwater crocodile.

Episode 5

Urban Dragons

Animal expert Coyote Peterson heads to cities including Alice Springs, Sydney and Darwin to track down and get close to the family of lizards known as dragons.

Episode 6

Constricted By A Colossal Python

Animal expert Coyote Peterson treks deep into the Australian outback in search of the giant python, a non-venomous but still deadly snake.

Episode 7

Night Of The Geckos

Animal expert Coyote Peterson searches for a species considered a jewel of the Australian outback by reptile enthusiasts, the rare knob tailed gecko.

Episode 8

Aliens Of The Outback

Animal expert Coyote Peterson is on the hunt for a variety of strange lizards and reptiles in the Australian outback, particularly the bizarre thorny devil.

Episode 9

To Catch A Monitor

Coyote Peterson searches for two of Australia's most fascinating lizards, the elusive yellow throated monitor and the semi-aquatic mertens water monitor.

Episode 10

Dinner With A Devil

Coyote heads to Australia and reveals the history behind the critically endangered Tasmanian devil. He discovers the manpower needed to conserve this species.

Episode 11

Arachnophobic Nightmares

Coyote is hunting for the deadly Sydney funnel web spider. Catching one is a dangerous endeavour, but a life-saving serum can be created from the venom.

Episode 12

Marsupial Madness

For a change of pace, Coyote is searching for some of Australia's less dangerous and more adorable creatures, starting with the famous koala bear.

Episode 13

Legendary Turtle Of Texas

Coyote heads to Texas in search of a rumoured giant snapping turtle. He is determined to prove that this turtle is the largest living creature of his kind.

Episode 14

Phantom Of The Outback

Coyote searches for the most elusive creature of his Australian odyssey, the perentie. It is the largest and strongest monitor lizard on the continent.

Episode 15

Into The Anacondas' Den

Coyote heads to the Formoso River in Brazil searching for the largest snake species on the planet. The team hope to find the elusive 30-foot anaconda.

Episode 16

Realm Of The Caiman

Coyote heads to Brazil to encounter the Yacare Caiman. As he swims alongside them in piranha-infested waterways, he studies their perfect-predator personality.

Episode 17

Swarmed By Killer Bees

Coyote teams up with bee conservationist, Chris Brinton. A stunt involving Coyote and 10,000 bees dispels misconceptions and reveals their passive nature.

Episode 18

Shadow Of The Jaguar

Capturing big cats on film is a near-impossible task, but Coyote demonstrates how with technology nature enthusiasts can see predators like jaguars up close.

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