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John and Abbie’s wedding is here, and everyone is getting ready for the big day. At the altar, the bride and groom share their first kiss in an unexpected way.


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Episode 8

Who's The Most Romantic?

Jinger and Jeremy go house hunting in LA, but can they find the dream home? Plus, the family go camping and during dinner one couple makes an announcement!

Episode 9

The Vuolos Take LA

Jinger and Jeremy explore LA with new friends. Could the Duggar boys' road trip be the last time they're all together before one of them starts a new courtship?

Episode 10

Count Your Blessings

John and Abbie enjoy their honeymoon in Finland. Jinger flies to Arkansas as Grandma Duggar's health declines. Jessa and Ben find out the gender of baby no.3!

Episode 11

Kendra's Got A Secret

Kendra surprises Joe when she finds out she's expecting baby no. 2! Jessa recruits her brothers to build a deck for her house before the new baby's arrival.

Episode 12

The Great Duggar Campout

Jinger and Jeremy are house hunting, but they have to downsize to stay in budget. Plus, the family are going camping and the boys try orienteering.

Episode 13

Baby Number Two...But Who?

Jessa consults a speech therapist as Henry struggles to learn new words. And, there's a big surprise at family fun night with a pregnancy announcement!

Episode 14

Marriage Bootcamp

Jinger and Jeremy hold a yard sale before their big move to LA. Meanwhile, the married couples attend a marriage retreat to focus on their relationships.

Episode 15

Five Pregnancies And Counting

Following the lives of the Duggar children as they deal with life's challenges, including starting out on their own and raising their families.

Episode 16

A Surprise Delivery

Jessa goes into labour two weeks before her due date and after the birth, they are faced with an emergency. And, another Duggar reveals she's expecting.

Episode 18

Episode 18

The four pregnant Duggar women and Jessa have a maternity photoshoot, and someone reveals they're expecting. Plus, Jinger and Jeremey get devastating news.