Episode 1


Patrick travels to the volcanic island of Dominica in the Caribbean. Whilst there he captures an epic hunt between a sperm whale and a diamondback squid.

Episode 2

Panama's Boiling Sea

Patrick heads to Panama, where his desire to witness the spotted dolphin and yellowfin tuna working together lands him in dangerous territory.

Episode 3

Humpbacks After Dark

The remote island of Gorgona in Colombia is Patrick's next stop. During a two-night dive, he captures how humpback whales communicate through song.

Episode 4

From Russia With Bowheads

Patrick travels to Russia to find a bowhead whale. After a near death experience with this species years ago, he is determined to examine their behaviour.

Episode 5

Whale Sharks Of Qatar

Patrick travels to Qatar to find a newly discovered cluster of whale sharks. High winds and extreme sea temperatures prove to be big challenges along the way.

Episode 6

Manta Ray Tornado

Patrick heads to the Maldives to dive alongside giant manta rays. He witnesses the fabled "Manta Ray Tornado" and studies the behaviour of this incredible species.

Episode 7

Shark City Of Palau

In Palau, Patrick tackles his most difficult dive ever. He battles typhoon-like weather in order to witness the mass spawning event of red snappers.

Episode 8

Killer Whales Of Norway

Patrick travels to Norway with hopes of diving alongside killer whales. Whilst there he examines how these creatures adapt their hunting behaviour.

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