About The Show

Ferrari expert and master car restorer, Wayne Carini, finds, buys, restores and sells some of the finest and most unique vehicles ever manufactured.


Episode 1

A Griffith Resurrection

Wayne discovers a rare Griffith 200 that's been hiding in plain sight for over 20 years. Can he revive this unusual vehicle after decades of neglect?

Episode 2

Hasta La Bristol, Baby!

Wayne restores his ultra-rare 1954 Bristol Coupe and 1955 Arnolt Bristol Roadster. Plus, he uncovers an MG TC that's in surprisingly good condition.

Episode 3

The Collection Has Left The Building

The Tupelo Automobile Museum have decided to auction off their entire collection. They call on Wayne for help with these astonishing vehicles.

Episode 4

Fly Like An Elgin

Wayne asks hot rod builder Jimmy to transform a 1933 Ford Roadster into an Elgin Race Car. Can they make this classic car perform on the track?

Episode 5

Great Godsal!

Wayne and historian Evan Ide are hired to restore a 1935 Godsal. It will take all of their expertise to bring this one-of-a-kind car back to its former glory.

Episode 6

A Jag, A Baker, A Memory Maker!

Wayne chases three vehicles that connected people across decades through love of collecting, including a Ford Falcon Sprint and a Jaguar XKE coupe.

Episode 7


Wayne might need a lucky charm to buy a Porsche 356 hidden for decades in a magician's home. At F40, a Mercury-bodied Chevy Boattail gives Mechanic Mike fits.

Episode 8

Live By The Ford, Buy By The Ford

Wayne unearths a Model T truck that's been owned by a family for 100 years. Then he helps two sisters uncover and sell a collection of Ford parts.

Episode 9

Revved Up Like A Deuce

Wayne sets his sights on the "unicorn" of Ford finds, an intact Deuce, a 1932 Ford Roadster. Plus, the crew uncovers a soggy surprise in a 1973 BMW 3.0 CSi.

Episode 10

Back To The Futura

Wayne takes on the restoration of a wild concept car built on a Corvair base. They hope to have the car restored in time for the Amelia Island Concours.

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