Episode 1

Monster In The Woods

The tragic murder of a 14-year-old girl in Michigan leaves behind little physical evidence, forcing investigators to enter the digital world in search of clues.

Episode 2

One Last Post

When 26-year-old Erica Crippen Crosby disappears from her home in New Jersey, detectives must follow a digital trail to uncover the truth about what happened to her.

Episode 3

Heart Rate & Time

When a co-worker finds 67-year-old Karen Navarra dead in a bloody scene at her California home, the seemingly contradictory physical evidence baffles police.

Episode 4

I was Not Expecting To Be Found

When two 13-year-old girls go missing, detectives immediately turn to their digital devices for clues to where they might be.

Episode 5

No More Sunshine

When police discover a missing three-year-old child dead in Haddon Township, New Jersey, they must turn to the digital evidence to pinpoint the killer.

Episode 6

Digital Lies

When 21-year-old Julie Ann Gonzalez suddenly goes missing, detectives investigate her puzzling digital trail to uncover the horrifying truth behind her disappearance.

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