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Buddy Valastro is one of the most successful cake artists in the US. Along with the team at Carlo’s Bakery in New Jersey, he prepares elaborate themed cakes for various occasions.


Episode 1

Dinosaurs, Brush Strokes and Edible Art

The crew makes a Hadrosaurus cake for a Dinosaur theme park. And, for the first time since the '80s, Danny has his moustache shaved off!

Episode 2

Rollercoasters, Cook-Offs and Cupcake Island

The Valastros spend summer at the Jersey Shore, and Buddy makes a rollercoaster cake! In Hoboken, the team creates an edible board game!

Episode 3

Waves, Watermelons And Wipe Outs

A Jersey Shore surf shop owner wants a summery cake for a surfing contest. And, Mauro gets melon fever with a cake order for a watermelon festival!

Episode 4

Thunderbirds And Butterflies

The sky's the limit! Buddy creates a beautiful butterfly cake for a local zoo. Meanwhile, the team gets an order for the US Air Force. Will it take off?

Episode 5

Turtle Rescue, Roller Derby And Treasure Hunt

Buddy and the team make a giant cake to mark the release of a rescued sea turtle. Meanwhile, Grace delivers a cake on roller skates!

Episode 6

Sweet 16, Hulas And Tiny Hamster Cake

Buddy and the guys build a giant hula dancer cake for his niece's Sweet 16 party. Plus, a pet store owner wants a tiny cake fit for a hamster.

Episode 7

Cuckoo Cake, Birthday Surprise, And New Bakery

Buddy and his family are in Minnesota for their new bakery opening. And, Mauro and Madeline make a cuckoo clock cake for a collector!

Episode 8

Extraterrestrials And Giant Tacos

Buddy and the crew create a giant taco cake for National Taco Day. And, an artistic 9-year old's designs are included in her alien birthday cake.

Episode 9

Giant Tooth And Masquerade Sweet 16

It's smiles all around at the bakery when the team makes a giant tooth cake. And, the team creates a masquerade-themed cake for a 16th birthday.

Episode 10

Next Great Bride, Fish Cake And Caesar Castano

Buddy creates a wedding cake for Next Great Baker winner Marissa Lopez. Plus, Ralph makes a surprise groom's cake for her fiance.

Episode 11

Day Of The Dead, Mischief Night And A Cute Witch

The team marks October with ghoulish goodies! Mauro makes a cake for the Mexican holiday, Day of the Dead, featuring sugar skulls.

Episode 12

Java Buzz, Kid Rocker and Twisted Sisters

Buddy meets with a coffee-mad Colombian couple who opened a coffee shop in NYC. Now they want a cake to celebrate the achievement!

Episode 13

Doll House, Joe's 50th, and Apple Drama

It's all gone mini as the team creates an amazing dollhouse out of cake. Grace is determined to decorate the cake for Joe's 50th birthday.

Episode 14

Lucky Ducks, Toy Trunk And Dance Moves

Buddy makes a giant duck cake for a Rubber Ducky Race by a local river. Plus, Lisa organises a hip hop dance class with daughter Sofia.

Episode 15

Levers And Leather

Buddy turns engineer when a technology teacher orders a complex cake for her students. And, the team makes a leather-looking bake for a client who owns a tannery.

Episode 16

Sneakers, Cheese Please, And Flying High

Buddy has some big shoes to fill and he's filling them with fresh fruit and custard when Carlo's Bakery gets an order from a local cobbler.

Episode 17

Elementary My Dear Buddy & Liz, Liz, Liz!

Buddy makes a cake for Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts. It's inspired by the British detective, complete with iconic hat and magnifying glass.

Episode 18

Nunchucks And Knitting Circle

This year, Paul's setting the bar for his birthday cake extra high. He wants a ninja cake, complete with spinning nunchucks and throwing stars.

Episode 19

Gargoyles, Pineapples & Packing Momma's Apartment

A novelist celebrating his new book wants a giant gargoyle cake for his party. The team creates a grotesque ghoulish creature.

Episode 20

Nutcracker, Gingerbread & Carlo's Christmas Carol

It's Christmas time and to celebrate, Buddy creates a Nutcracker themed cake for a ballet company performing the holiday classic.

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