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14th July


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Florida natives Michael and Miranda have just moved to Alaska. Life in the Last Frontier will be nothing like what they left behind in the Sunshine State.


Jul 14



Episode 28

Gold Town

Brian and Alisa, want to put their adventurous lifestyle to the test by looking at some remote wilderness cabins in Haines, the adventure capital of Alaska.

Jul 14



Episode 29

Fishy Business

In the small fishing village of Haines, Harry and Genny are looking to move away from their smelly neighbour - Harry's fish cannery business.

Jul 21



Episode 30

Rainforest Cabins

In the Alaskan rainforest of Juneau, Bryan and Amy want to leave their trailer home behind for a bigger house- but budget restraints mean they must look far out.

Episode 1

Cabin Upgrade

Todd and Kristy have been living in a dry cabin in Talkeetna, Alaska for over a decade. Now that their two sons are getting older, they need to upgrade.

Episode 2

Flip Flops To Snow Shoes

Florida natives Michael and Miranda have just moved to Alaska. Life in the Last Frontier will be nothing like what they left behind in the Sunshine State.

Episode 3

Log Homes & Saloons

Adventurous couple, James and Erin, have been living in Anchorage for the past decade. Now that their son, Owen, is older they fancy a move to Talkeetna.

Episode 4

ATV Required

Eric and Amanda are ready to buy their very first home in Talkeetna, Alaska. But as newlyweds, every penny counts so they might have to go the extra mile.

Episode 5

Growing Up Alaska

Kane and Laci currently live in an apartment above their gym in Fairbanks, but they crave the Alaskan experience, out of the city limits and into the wild.

Episode 6

Rocks to Riches

Alaskan natives Cole and Amanda have worked hard to build their successful rock climbing business. They'll look at three million-dollar homes in the Last Frontier.

Episode 7

Timber Homes

Newlyweds Mike and Jen moved to Fairbanks a year ago. Living near downtown has been convenient for work, but they've always dreamed of living in a log home.

Episode 8

Frontier Comfort

Fairbanks natives Dave and Penny want to find a home on the river where they can enjoy their favourite outdoor activities like snow machining and fishing.

Episode 9

Mountain Homes & Domes

Kevin and Katelynn have toured all over Alaska but they keep coming back to the hillside town of Eagle River, rustic mountain-living close to Anchorage.

Episode 10

Tundra Town

Arizona natives, Eric and Kendra, are relocating from the Phoenix desert to the tundra of Delta Junction, Alaska. Will they be able to find a place they can call home?

Episode 11

Waterfront Wilderness

The Mat-Su Valley has the rivers and lakes Thane and wife Rose dream of. Having moved from Guam to Alaska, this unlikely couple lives off the land.

Episode 12

Alaskan Beach Town

There aren't any palm trees or tropical ocean breezes in the 49th state, but you can still live a beach life style on one of Alaska's 3 million lakes.

Episode 13

Kenai Islands

Tim and Natalie rent a place on the Kenai River now, but they've always dreamed of a challenging lifestyle in a home on one of the river's few islands.

Episode 14

Kenai Kabins

Darien and Delana are looking to buy their first house near the Kenai River. But this musical couple can't afford to break the bank, so look for a bargain.

Episode 15

Glacier River Homes

Newly engaged couple Jeff and Heather love the water so much, they are looking to find a home right on the glacier-fed Kenai River.

Episode 16

Homer Improvement

Gabe and Mikela live in a dry cabin and have to haul their water from the grocery store every day, and they're tired of their high maintenance home.

Episode 17

Lakes of the Last Frontier

Glennallen, Alaska is home to dozens of beautiful, remote lakes. After living in their crowded B&B, that's exactly where Eric and Cynthia want to live.

Episode 18

Pilot's Paradise

Nicole and pilot Bruce leave the Lower 48 for a new life up north. With their own private plane, they can buy a house anywhere - as long home has...

Episode 19

Frontier City

Roland and Tiffany live in Alaska's biggest city, Anchorage, but manic city life is too much for their big family. Can they find a home to escape into the wilderness?

Episode 20

Million Air

Wes and Angela own an air taxi company in Alaska. They want a million dollar dream home and can fly anywhere in the state to find it. Can they agree...

Episode 21

Big Wheels and Big Deals

Ron and Lacey have a big truck and a small budget for their new home. They're willing to sacrifice space for the truck to be right on a lake near...

Episode 22


ATV mechanic Kolin and his girlfriend Alissa are looking for a home with access to Alaska's epic backwoods trails- but will they find their dream retreat?

Episode 23

Glacier City

Karie moved from Kansas to Alaska to live out a childhood dream of building a cabin in the mountains. Now she has the chance to live out her dream.

Episode 24

Dog Mushing Millionaires

Dog mushing loving Alaskan entrepreneurs, Mike and Lorraine, are looking for a million-dollar property in an Alaskan city.

Episode 25

Secret City

Pilot Jaime and his girlfriend Dusty take to the sky to find their own piece of the remote town of Seldovia on a tight budget of $125,000.

Episode 26

Treehouse Tour

Jeremy and Danielle are newlyweds who want to buy their first home in Homer, Alaska but they don't have a lot of money. Will their budget of $150,000 suffice?

Episode 27

Escape from Juneau

John and Elise are newlyweds living in downtown Juneau. They're looking to escape the crowds and land a property where they can relax.

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