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Experts investigate some of the world’s most epic monuments across the globe from America, Egypt, Rome and beyond. What engineering techniques were used to build these iconic structures? Coming up in this series, experts reveal the hidden secrets of these constructions using technology to blow them apart and understand what lies within. From lost tombs in the Valley of the Kings, new discoveries made beneath the tomb of Jesus Christ, and joining the hunt for King Arthur’s castle, this series is set to blow your mind.


Episode 1

Seven Wonders Of America

Experts investigate seven of America's most iconic modern-day megastructures. How were these engineering marvels built and what secrets do they conceal?

Episode 2

Seven Wonders Of Egypt

Egypt's greatest monuments conceal many unsolved mysteries. Experts investigate tantalising new evidence uncovered from the Valley of the Kings.

Episode 3

Seven Wonders Of Ancient America

Experts use innovative technology to investigate the incredible pyramids in Guatemala, Machu Pichu and reveal new images in the desert.

Episode 4

Seven Wonders Of Rome

Experts investigate the mysteries behind ancient aqueducts and a lost villa discovered near the Colosseum. How did the Romans build these iconic structures?

Episode 5

Seven Wonders Of The Pyramids

Experts investigate the mystery behind the ancient pyramids from all over the globe. They explore lost labyrinths and discover human remains.

Episode 6

Greatest Lost Cities

Experts investigate new evidence of some of history's most intriguing lost cities. These remarkable discoveries reveal secrets about seven remarkable wonders.

Episode 7

Seven Wonders Of The Silk Road

Experts investigate new evidence that offers a unique glimpse at the Silk Road. They look at a recently discovered golden camel and a lost mega tomb.

Episode 8

Seven Wonders Of The Bible

New discoveries found under the tomb of Jesus Christ are investigated. Plus, innovative technology is used to decode faded manuscripts.

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