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Anthony sets off to Sweden to dispel the myths of tall blonds, Swedish meatballs – and ABBA! He dines at Lux where Swedish delicacies are on the menu.


Episode 1


Chef Anthony Bourdain's travels have taken him around the globe and back, this time to Russia.

Episode 2

Los Angeles

Anthony Bourdain has come to LA to prove that there are many dignified and exciting cultures living right outside the fringes of the Hollywood strip.

Episode 3

New York

Tony Bourdain sets off on a quest to rediscover why he loves his hometown, taking in Russian, Egyptian, Japanese cuisine as well as some good old hot dogs.

Episode 4


Tony searches Shanghai for the perfect dumpling and tastes some stinky tofu before heading for Tibet to enjoy yak meat, milk and yak butter tea.

Episode 5

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a marriage of modern and traditional and a mecca of food in Asia. Anthony arrives ready to take the plunge into all things edible.

Episode 6

French Polynesia

Tony explores the islands of French Polynesia eating tartar of corori oysters, doing some shark roping and gets a traditional Marquesian tattoo.

Episode 8


Tony visits Sao Paolo, indulging in one of his favourite snacks, a sandwich made with hashed pork and lard and melted cheese, before drinking vodka caipirinhas.

Episode 9


Tony visits an artist's studio in Buenos Aires and rides with the gauchos over the Patagonian mountains. But how will the notorious carnivore react to cattle branding?

Episode 10


Tony enjoys steamed shark's head and crab soup. But will he be impressed by a modern restaurant where he has to eat off an operating table while perched in a...

Episode 11

South Carolina

Tony gets stuck into the 'Big Nasty', a heaping plate of cheese, fried chicken, and gravy; before diving into history by joining some Civil War re-enactors.

Episode 12


Anthony explores the underground art scene in Berlin and heads to the famous Rogacki food market where it's all about sausages, smoked fish and head cheese.

Episode 13


Tony is in Tuscany and loves it, but he's alarmed by the odd ideas the Italian director is inflicting on the show. Will a traditional feast of braised pigeon lighten...

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