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Coming Soon

Episode 1

Rush Hour Rescue

Agents track a gunman that wounded a dog on Detroit's Eastside. On the Westside, investigators check out a report of two dogs living in squalor.

Coming Soon

Episode 2

House of Cats

Michigan Humane Society investigator Shawn Hairston is called to a house overrun with cats, but doesn't realise how extreme the case will turn out to be.

Coming Soon

Episode 3

Heat Wave

A family of puppies are brought to the Michigan Humane Society that are all suffering from heat stroke and are at death's door.

Coming Soon

Episode 4

Fowl Play

Investigators MacDonald and Ramos respond to a call about a pet owner who has abandoned his animals and left them in terrible conditions.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

Reptile Raid

Agents find exotic animals being kept in a house and they must be removed and follow up on a call about nine dogs being kept in one house.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Seeking Justice

On the east side of Detroit, Police need help from MHS investigators in rounding up vicious pitbulls during a drug raid.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Backyard Battle

Investigators respond to a report of a dog in distress because of a gaping wound on his neck and rescue a dog that fell into an open manhole.

Coming Soon

Episode 9

Cold Calls

Investigators respond to a report of a dog and her pups trapped under a porch and follow up on a call of an abandoned house overrun by cats.

Coming Soon

Episode 10

A Cause for Outrage

In the bitter winter, investigators respond to complaints about two dogs suffering from neglect, starvation and succumbing to the brutal cold.