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About The Show

Scott rescues a dehydrated pit bull puppy that has been left, muzzled and chained, in the back of a hot car. Will its owners be allowed to redeem their dog?


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Episode 1


Scott rescues a dehydrated pit bull puppy that has been left, muzzled and chained, in the back of a hot car. Will its owners be allowed to redeem their dog?

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Episode 2

The Snake Collector

Lieutenant Scott uncovers an illegal cache of constrictor snakes; is their owner trading these deadly predators? Plus, an abused dog fights for life.

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Episode 3

The Hunt For A Dogfight Kingpin

Two abused pit bulls are seized from dogfighters and 16 feral cats are rescued from an abandoned house. Plus, a lost bird is returned home.

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Episode 4

Overcrowded and Unwanted

Neglected parrots are rescued from an abandoned house, and a trapped cat is helped out of a tight spot. Plus, how do you tackle a wild raccoon?

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Episode 5

Unneighbourly Behaviour

Rottweilers are seized after a fatal attack on their neighbour's chihuahua and guinea pigs. Plus, can a kitten be rescued from a carcass-strewn junkyard?

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Episode 6

Unlawful Shot?

When the parvovirus strikes a litter of puppies will their owner be able to save them? Plus, cops shoot to kill when an officer is attacked by a vicious dog.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Animal Traffic Cops

O'Brien rescues an emaciated German Shepherd with a large tumour from a litter-strewn backyard. Plus, can Scott save a pit bull at large in heavy traffic?

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Episode 8

Foul Contenders

Officer Sadler saves a dog from a fire and Officer Johnson takes urgent action against a cruel pet owner. Plus, can the team break up an illegal cockfighting ring?

Coming Soon

Episode 9

Apartment Search

A dead puppy is found chained up in an abandoned house; will its wicked owner be brought to justice? Plus, a cat hoarder is encouraged to give up some pets.

Coming Soon

Episode 10

Ugly Ring Around the Collar

Officer Kent rescues a neglected puppy whose embedded collar has created a festering wound. Plus, a troubled young woman steals a golden chow.

Coming Soon

Episode 11

Fire Escape

Lieutenant Scott tracks down a dog on the run from a major explosion and Officer Forester races to save the life of a critically ill cat. Plus, can 77 collies...

Coming Soon

Episode 12

Bridge Rescue and the Aftermath

Officer Sadler discovers what she thinks are fighting cocks in the back of a pickup truck and Lieutenant Scott is faced with a daring bridge rescue.

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Episode 13

Unwanted Backyard Discovery

Officer Sadler fights to save a dog's life after he finds two others left to starve to death, and a woman loses her cats during a fire at her apartment.

Coming Soon

Episode 14

Double Doggie Bite

Officers investigate a double dog bite when a labrador is accused of biting two men. Later, they rescue an injured owl and wildlife experts fight to save it.

Coming Soon

Episode 15

Clip Show

Catch all the action as the officers of the SFAPC take you through their most stressful, action packed and heart wrenching stories of the season.