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The Arizona Humane Society’s dedicated team of emergency technicians and investigators work hard to make sure the animals of Arizona receive the medical care they need.


Episode 1

Run Rabbit Run

A heat-exhausted domestic rabbit is abandoned in a car park. Plus, investigator Mark persuades the owner of six underfed dogs to give them more food.

Episode 2

Down To Business

Investigator Mark rescues a dog with open wounds from a crate and the Phoenix Fire Department try to reach a cat stuck 40ft up a palm tree in fierce winds.

Episode 3

Chain Break

As summer arrives, temperatures exceed 100F. Mark rescues a skinny Rottweiler chained out in the hot sun, and investigators seek out kittens trapped under roof tiles.

Episode 4

Puppies In A Pipe

The AHS Field Dispatch Team gets 200 calls daily for animals needing help. A dog and her nine puppies need rescuing from a storm drain before the rain arrives.

Episode 5

Kittens On A Hot Roof

Investigators Ruthie and Kelly fight 150F heat on a roof to save four kittens. Mark rescues an abandoned Chihuahua whose hind legs were crushed by a car.

Episode 6

Drain Of Death

Investigators Andy and Jeana help a skunk and cat trapped together in a storm drain. Officer Kelley finds a snake dumped on a golf course - with a horrific injury.

Episode 7

Canal Dog Rescue

Officer Andy is pushed to his physical limits as he and Cynthia chase an injured dog through the dry canal system. And the AHS respond to a cock-fighting operation.

Episode 8

Cop Cat

Investigator Mark seizes six abandoned dogs from a house where the owner has been evicted. A feral cat with an injured paw living at the Police Department's garage is treated.

Episode 9

Fast And Furious

Mark tries to catch two untamed cats in a hoarder's house full of over sixty felines. Kelley rescues a German shepherd puppy with an unhealthy appetite for rocks.

Episode 10

Off The Leash

Mark meets aggressive dogs and home-owners as he educates them about a new law making it illegal to keep a dog on a chain when temperatures hit over 100 degrees.

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