Episode 1

Paradise Lost

A storm in Key Largo, Florida allows an intruder to break into a newlywed couple's house. When the storm clears, the community is shocked to discover a double murder.

Episode 2

Too Close To Home

When a mother and daughter are found brutally murdered at home in quiet Woburn, Massachusetts, investigators leave no stone unturned to find the double murderer.

Episode 3

Apartment 23

In May 2008, graduation day is nearing for Northeastern University students. But, Rebecca Payne never gets to graduate as she is found shot dead days before.

Episode 4

No Good Deed

In March 2002, Shirley Wilson is found stabbed to death in her home. Police believe that she knew her assailant - is the killer closer than anyone wants to believe?

Episode 5

Watch Your Back

When a young mother, Danielle Jennings, is found strangled in her apartment, police believe she knew the attacker. But, a witness provides valuable evidence.

Episode 6

Death Before Life

A budding actress is savagely murdered, and police believe a revenge-hungry killer is responsible. But, they are shocked by the lies and obsessions they uncovered.

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