Episode 1

Junkyard Dog - Part 1

One of the world's most celebrated hot rod builders, Boyd Coddington, and his crew attempt to resurrect a forgotten classic - a scruffy, 1956 Chevy.

Episode 2

Junkyard Dog - Part 2

Tensions rise as miscalculations, mishaps and mistakes threaten the Chevys transformation into a high octane hot rod. Can Boyd keep the project on track?

Episode 3

Junkyard Dog - Part 3

Tensions rise when the specially made motor doesn't quite fit the front end. Boyd and his team are forced to do some quick thinking.

Episode 4

Junkyard Dog - Part 4

With the car show in Las Vegas only a week away, Boyd Coddington and his crew feel the heat as they enter the final stretch of the Hot Rod build.

Episode 5

Alumatub - Part 1

The metal starts to fly when Boyd Coddington's crew sets out to create a one-of-a-kind, signature hotrod - from scratch and on a very tight deadline.

Episode 6

Alumitub - Part 2

With Duane barking out orders, the crew finally get the chassis shipped out to the Custom Metal shop, where the hotrod begins to take shape.

Episode 7

Alumitub - Part 3

Boyd and his crew are thrilled when the Alumatub's body comes back from the metal shop a week ahead of schedule, but a problem is soon discovered.

Episode 8

Alumitub - Part 4

With the finish line in sight, the Coddington crew bear down to complete their unique aluminium roadster, but disagreements hinder progress.

Episode 9

Alumitub - Part 5

The hotrod suddenly loses all oil pressure on the morning of its big debut and Boyd almost blows a gasket. Can the crew get it on the road in time?

Episode 10

'32 Hi-Boy Roadster - Part 1

Boyd and the hotrod crew begin the redesign of an original 1932 Ford Roadster for the high-tech age and take a time-out trip to a racetrack.

Episode 11

'32 High-Boy Roadster - Part 2

Project Supervisor Dwayne reaches breaking point when the '32 Roadster hits a major problem and Boyd makes a shock decision to change the build.

Episode 12

'32 Hi-Boy Roadster - Part 3

Falling dangerously behind on the prize '32 Roadster, the Coddington crew are forced to make radical moves in a bid to bring the beast under control.

Episode 13

'32 Hi-Boy Roadster - Part 4

With only two days left to assemble an entire '32 Hi-Boy Roadster, will the team reach completion in time for Boyd's 25th Anniversary celebration?

Episode 14

'65 Mustang - Part 1

Boyd Coddington and his team discover an ailing American classic in a barn - a '65 Ford Mustang. They have seven weeks to restore it to its former glory.

Episode 15

'65 Mustang - Part 2

As the Mustang nears its crucial deadline, Boyd runs into problems causing the build to run behind schedule. Will they manage to make up the time?

Episode 16

'65 Mustang - Part 3

Just when Boyd thinks the Mustang is ready for its new upholstery, the engine's paint job cracks, leaving the team to pull another all-nighter.