Episode 1

Junkyard Dog - Part 1

One of the world's most celebrated hot rod builders, Boyd Coddington, and his crew attempt to resurrect a forgotten classic - a scruffy, 1956 Chevy.

Episode 2

Junkyard Dog - Part 2

Tensions rise as miscalculations, mishaps and mistakes threaten the Chevys transformation into a high octane hot rod. Can Boyd keep the project on track?

Episode 3

Junkyard Dog - Part 3

Tensions rise when the specially made motor doesn't quite fit the front end. Boyd and his team are forced to do some quick thinking.

Episode 4

Junkyard Dog - Part 4

With the car show in Las Vegas only a week away, Boyd Coddington and his crew feel the heat as they enter the final stretch of the Hot Rod build.

Episode 5

Alumatub - Part 1

The metal starts to fly when Boyd Coddington's crew sets out to create a one-of-a-kind, signature hotrod - from scratch and on a very tight deadline.

Episode 6

Alumatub - Part 2

Boyd's crew continue their mission to build a one-of-a-kind aluminium hot rod with a carefully crafted custom made chassis at its heart.

Episode 7

Alumatub - Part 3

The svelte skin of the beautiful brushed aluminium hotrod is delivered a week early and Boyd and the team are thrilled. But, the new bodywork hides a problem.

Episode 8

Alumatub - Part 4

As the deadline looms for the aluminium hotrod all hell breaks loose when everyone decides to disagree. There's only one way to settle it: paintball fight!

Episode 9

Alumatub - Part 5

It's the big day for Boyd's aluminium hot rod. But when it dramatically loses oil pressure, the crew must pull together to ensure the car makes the finish line.

Episode 10

'32 Hi-Boy Roadster - Part 1

Boyd and the hotrod crew begin the redesign of an original 1932 Ford Roadster for the high-tech age and take a time-out trip to a racetrack.

Episode 11

'32 Hi-Boy Roadster - Part 2

Project Supervisor Dwayne reaches breaking point when the '32 Roadster hits a major problem and Boyd makes a shock decision to change the build.

Episode 12

'32 Hi-Boy Roadster - Part 3

Falling dangerously behind on the prize '32 Roadster, the Coddington crew are forced to make radical moves in a bid to bring the beast under control.

Episode 13

'32 Hi-Boy Roadster - Part 4

With only two days left to assemble an entire '32 Hi-Boy Roadster, will the team reach completion in time for Boyd's 25th Anniversary celebration?

Episode 14

'65 Mustang - Part 1

Boyd Coddington and his team discover an ailing American classic in a barn - a '65 Ford Mustang. They have seven weeks to restore it to its former glory.

Episode 15

'65 Mustang - Part 2

As the Mustang nears its crucial deadline, Boyd runs into problems causing the build to run behind schedule. Will they manage to make up the time?

Episode 16

'65 Mustang - Part 3

Just when Boyd thinks the Mustang is ready for its new upholstery, the engine's paint job cracks, leaving the team to pull another all-nighter.

Episode 17

Rat Rod Build-Off - Part 1

After months of disagreements over what constitutes a classic Hot Rod, Boyd puts Bluebear's "theories" to the test and challenges him to a build off.

Episode 18

Rat Rod Build-Off - Part 2

The tension between Boyd and Bluebear rises to a dangerous level, as the young, head strong builder goes against his boss's orders.

Episode 19

Rat Rod Build-Off - Part 3

Tensions rise in the workshop as Bluebear refuses to listen to Boyd's suggestions. Can they put their differences aside and complete the build off?

Episode 20

Rat Rod Build-Off - Part 4

A cross-country race decides who should wear the Hot Rod crown. Will veteran Boyd keep his kingdom or will young pretender Bluebear's strategy pay off?

Episode 21

'42 Woodie - Part 1

Boyd wants to turn around a '42 Woodie in time for a major car show in Hawaii. But is eight weeks enough time to complete this major project?

Episode 22

'42 Woodie - Part 2

The boys are all working together to get the '42 Woodie completed in time for the show, but tensions arise when the car heads to the body shop.

Episode 23

'42 Woodie - Part 3

The Woodie is almost finished, but at the last minute a major leak is discovered. Can it be fixed in time to get to the car show in Hawaii?

Episode 24

'63 Corvette - Part 1

Boyd and his team embark on a new project - a '63 Corvette, but their lives are made difficult when the owner makes impossible demands.

Episode 25

'63 Corvette - Part 2

With only four weeks left on the '63 Corvette, the team are struggling. Despite putting in extra hours, they are falling way behind on the project.

Episode 26

'63 Corvette - Part 3

The team pull together and work around the clock to get the '63 Corvette completed, but on the day of its debut there is still work to be done.

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