Episode 1

Phoenicians In America

Forensic geologist Scott Wolter inspects cryptic carvings on a stone that may prove the ancient Phoenicians reached America over 1,000 years before Columbus.

Episode 2

Alien Artifacts

Scott Wolter bushwhacks his way through the jungles of Veracruz, Mexico, to examine ancient artefacts that could change what we know about our place in the universe.

Episode 3

The Spy Who Saved America

Scott Wolter examines the true identity of Agent 355, a mysterious female operative who was a key member of General George Washington's Culper Spy Ring.

Episode 4

Cave Of Secrets

Scott Wolter travels to Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, to check out a mysterious cave that may have been a stop on the Underground Railroad for escaped slaves.

Episode 5

The Ripper Unmasked

Scott Wolter investigates a new theory about the identity of Jack the Ripper. He also uncovers a possible link between the Ripper murders and the Freemasons.

Episode 6

Vikings In The Desert

Scott Wolter travels to Arizona to verify the origin of artefacts found in the desert. The pieces could provide proof that the Vikings explored the Southwest.

Episode 7

Bigfoot Of The Bayou

Scott travels to Louisiana to hunt for the Honey Island Swamp monster. He spends a night alone in the Louisiana bayou to find evidence of the elusive creature.

Episode 8

Chicago's Mystery Bomber

Scott's on a mission to crack one of Chicago's oldest cold cases. A recent dig may have yielded clues about the identity of the Haymarket Square bomber.

Episode 9

Drake's Lost Treasure

Scott Wolter travels up and down the Pacific coast in search of the lost gold of Sir Francis Drake. What will he discover on his adventure?

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