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The American Chopper crew (DCL)
After years of bitter feuding, the Teutuls are back in business in the brand new series of American Chopper.

Senior and Junior want to rebuild their fractured relationship and have agreed to work together on a production bike. But memories are still raw and not everyone is happy about their collaboration. When Junior leaves town to market his chopper-inspired bicycles and Senior tries to hijack their joint project, it only adds to the frustrations of Junior’s crew.

Meanwhile, following last season’s humiliating defeat in the Bike Build-Off, Senior has demanded a rematch. His grim determination to beat Junior, Jesse James and the trash talking Fast & Loud duo, puts pressure on his team at the OCC, and on his fragile friendship with Junior.

In this high octane environment of creative setbacks and artistic triumphs, will rivalry between Senior and Junior see them both crash out of the running, or steer one of them to victory in the bike build-off? And will their ambitious production bike project mark the beginning of a new working relationship, or end all attempts at reconciliation for good? More about the show


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