What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


Grant Reynolds and Kevin Moore (DCL)

Your hosts, Grant Reynolds and Kevin Moore

What could possibly go wrong? Find out in this explosive science show, as Grant Reynolds and Kevin Moore work to decipher what went wrong in the most outrageous internet fail videos.

Kevin is the know-it-all science guy with the PhD, and Grant is a former Special Forces operative turned survivalist and trainer for
the Navy Seals, FBI and DEA. Together this pair is ready to out-build, out-kaboom and out-science the world’s craziest viral video hits.

In each episode, the pair digs deep into a new video of a great plan gone wrong. It could be rotting wood supporting a porch, or just simple physics. Then it’s off to their top-secret test facility to experiment and figure out how to make it all go smoothly the next time round.

Using common sense and a bit of brute force, they uncover the secrets of such things as unclogging your toilet with a firecracker, and the best way to propel your powerboat from the lake... into your pick-up truck.

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