Gold Rush (DCL)



The ambitious miners are back and more determined than ever before. No more getting caught off guard, or being down on their luck - the brand new series sees them focused and set to hit the ground mining.

The Hoffmans are ready to shift pay dirt before anyone else. Dave Turin has a 400 yard cut open before the ground has even thawed, but Todd’s disappeared again, dreaming big of striking it mega-rich.

Parker has visions of reinvesting the $3 million he made last season into his own claim, shaking off the shackles of Tony Beets once and for all. However, when he loses half of his crew due to his bad attitude last year, Parker’s on the back foot with a new rookie crew and seemingly only one option - to go crawling back to Tony.

Tony Beets, meanwhile, has his enormous dredge up and running, turning back the clock 70 years. But is he willing to risk his entire business to invest in a fleet of dredges, and overhaul the way mining is done in the Klondike forever? 

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