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High Proof Highlands

Moonshiners - Season 11

Tickle and the Laws help devise an underground transport operation for Josh. In Mexico, Tim gets hands-on turning 7-year-old agave into age-worthy tequila.


Ford P100

Wheeler Dealers - Season 18

Mike gambles on a Ford P100 imported from South Africa to Scotland. But it's hit with a series of problems - and will it cope with the UK's weather and...


A Rusty Mess

Bitchin' Rides - Season 9

When a beat-up truck arrives at the shop, Dave knows the team will have its work cut out for them. But underneath all the rust lies a hidden gem.


Saab 900

Wheeler Dealers - Season 18

Mike thinks there's money to be made on a soft-top Saab 900, but with a dicey clutch and woolly steering, Elvis has concerns. Can they get it back to its...


Subaru BRZ

Wheeler Dealers - Season 18

Mike buys his newest ever car to create a bespoke Scooby BRZ STI. But hopes of a profit are hit with a hefty bill for the turbo and a new...


Subaru BRZ

Wheeler Dealers - Season 18

Mike buys his newest ever car to create a bespoke Scooby BRZ STI. But hopes of a profit are hit with a hefty bill for the turbo and a new...


The Nugget Factor

Gold Rush: Mine Rescue with Freddy & Juan - Season 2

Married Montana miners dream of building a gold mining dynasty on their nugget-rich claim. But Freddy and Juan could face their first failed rescue.


Risky Business

Gold Rush: White Water - Season 6

Desperate to find gold, both crews make risky decisions that almost cost crewmembers their lives. Still, Dustin and the crew continue to fight for a big payday.


No Jane, No Gain - Part 2

Gold Divers - Season 11

A brand-new arrival shakes up the gold game as Emily shows Jane Kilcher the ropes of running a dredge. Kris Kelly deals with an excavator malfunction.


Just Pick A Color

Kindig Customs - Season 9

While the shop has been perfecting the process in building the CF1s, word about the car has gotten out, and potential buyers are lining up.


Diesel Rat Rod

Diesel Brothers - Season 3

Heavy D bets the farm on a Diesel-swapped Chevy 210, but this rusty Rat Rod could run them off the road. Meanwhile, they're giving away a monstrous new TRX.


Episode 3

Salvage Hunters - Season 4

Drew and Tee drive up to Wookey Hole, a small village near Somerset, to hunt for stock. Their first stop is the circus museum where Drew hopes to find treasure.


Cascade Mountain Escape

Building Off The Grid - Season 1

A couple is building their 2,400-square-foot dream cabin deep in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State. Will they complete the job in six months?


Colorado Crest

Building Off The Grid - Season 1

A builder heads to the wilderness of northern Colorado to build the ultimate tent with a custom fabricated wooden frame, canvas shell and a 650-square-feet interior.


The Wolfpack vs. The Wolf

Alaskan Bush People - Season 4

The Browns raise the defences when they find grisly evidence that a new predator is stalking the ranch. And, Gabe builds an apartment for him and Raquell.


Tower Of Babel: The New Evidence

Blowing Up History - Season 4

The Tower of Babel is one of the most famous stories of the Bible. Archaeologists use new technology to uncover how engineers could have built it.


2000 Porsche 996

Wheeler Dealers - Season 15

Mike is excited to pick up one of his favourite types of convertible: the 2000 Porsche 996. With only a few issues, this car will be an absolute steal for...



Episode 4

Salvage Hunters - Season 4

Drew is at a 900 year old Abbey in Somerset where he hopes to strike a deal. Later, he travels to a pedal museum in East Sussex and takes a...


MGB Roadster

Wheeler Dealers - Season 17

The boys are determined to mark the MGB's 60th anniversary in style by buying and fixing up one of these classic motors. But the upgrades come with some hefty costs.


Avalanche Zone

Railroad Alaska - Season 2

Off-grid, Josh and Annie urgently need to move their cabin away from a rapidly rising river. On the railroad, an avalanche threatens to derail a mile and a half train.



Gold Rush - Season 14

Rick's season is riding on a move to the new Bacon Strip cut. As Parker tries to dig out of his financial hole, the team must deal with a loader...


$3 Billion Heist

Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch - Season 3

Duane and Chad Ollinger return to the Ranch to unearth $3 billion in hidden treasure. Claim jumpers invade the property, threatening to derail everything.


Mystery Of The Flooded Pyramid

Expedition Unknown - Season 8

Josh scales a mountain to learn how a Kush king conquered Egypt. He braves the murky waters for one more dive to find the king's mummified remains.