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Virgin Sasquatch

Finding Bigfoot - Season 2

The team returns to Oregon to investigate a record amount of Bigfoot tracks. Can a new dangerous technique help to capture this elusive creature?


Badlands Bigfoot

Finding Bigfoot - Season 2

The team meets with witnesses from the Lakota Sioux, who claim Bigfoots roam the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. But will they observe an all-important sighting?


Bigfoot Hoedown

Finding Bigfoot - Season 2

The team investigate photographs from a young bigfooter that may depict a Sasquatch in his own backyard. Will the team find evidence to help to confirm his claims?


Bigfoot And The Redhead

Finding Bigfoot - Season 2

The team meet with teenagers who may have filmed a Bigfoot whilst go karting. They deploy a unique search technique to try and elicit a sighting.


Bigfoot Loves A Barbecue

Finding Bigfoot - Season 2

The team examine a video of a possible Bigfoot captured by a mother filming her kids at play. But can the team prove her claims and confirm the sighting?


Peek-A-Boo Bigfoot

Finding Bigfoot - Season 2

The team head to the Great Smoky Mountains after a reported Sasquatch sighting. Once there they enlist a professional hog caller to try and lure one out.


Folding Kayaks/Pinatas

How It's Made - Season 17

Ever wondered how everyday items such as garbage trucks and ceramic composite brake discs are made? Find out how these familiar objects are formed.


Porsche Boxster

Wheeler Dealers - Season 10

Mike purchases a mouldy Porsche Boxster with seized brakes and a host of other faults, but at £1,000, he can't resist. Can Edd fix it up enough to turn a...


Morris Minor Traveller 1966

Wheeler Dealers - Season 10

After finding a Morris Minor for the bargain price of £2400, Mike plans to renovate it and sell it on for £7000, but Edd has to rebuild it from scratch.



Wheeler Dealers - Season 10

Mike tracks down a TVR Cerbera for just £8,000. However, these classic sports cars are susceptible to rust. Can Edd patch it up or will the chassis need replacing?


Lamborghini Urraco

Wheeler Dealers - Season 10

Mike heads out to Poland to bag a Lamborghini Uracco. However, the price of this classic is rising due to Lamborghini's 50th anniversary, can Mike bag a bargain?


Ford Popular

Wheeler Dealers - Season 10

Mike is after his dad's favourite, the Ford Popular, a car that is notorious for being variable in its quality. But can the duo source one with potential for a...


Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Wheeler Dealers - Season 10

Mike bags an American classic, a Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, but it's only been part restored. Can Edd work his magic and make it seem as good as new?


Family First

Alaskan Bush People - Season 4

Barn construction is all hands on deck, but someone isn't pulling their weight. The family confronts Bam when he pays more attention to his own projects.


Where There's Smoke There's Fire

Alaskan Bush People - Season 4

The Wolfpack braces for a looming wildfire that threatens completion of the barn. Ami and Billy return with an important health update.


A New Beginning

Alaskan Bush People - Season 4

The Wolfpack races to complete the first major build of their new ranch. Plus, the Brown family adds a new member as Noah marries his sweetheart Rhain.


Bull By The Horns

Alaskan Bush People - Season 4

The Wolfpack's quest for complete freedom takes a big step forward with new livestock, including a risky longhorn bull. Noah and his new wife Rhain arrive.


The Buffalo Trail

Alaskan Bush People - Season 4

The Wolfpack seizes an opportunity to stockpile meat with their first-ever buffalo hunt. Noah and Bam are left behind to build a mine-cooled meat locker.


Beware The Bearcrow

Alaskan Bush People - Season 4

As new predators encroach on the ranch, the Browns devise inventive solutions to defend their livestock. Gabe's long-distance girlfriend makes her first visit.



Modern Farmhouse

Building Off The Grid - Season 1

Any building project is stressful, especially if the build is in the middle of nowhere. A family builds a modern farmhouse off the grid in Wisconsin countryside.


Fists Full Of Snakes

Guardians Of The Glades - Season 1

Snake hunter Dusty and his team mount a critical hunt from a swamp buggy before racing south to the python-infested Ten Thousand Islands.


Snakes In The Dark

Guardians Of The Glades - Season 1

Dusty leads the team to an abandoned missile factory near the epicentre of the snake epidemic. It could hold the biggest group of pythons in the Everglades.


Manta Ray Tornado

Chasing Ocean Giants - Season 1

Patrick heads to the Maldives to dive alongside giant manta rays. He witnesses the fabled "Manta Ray Tornado" and studies the behaviour of this incredible species.


The Lost Avenger

Expedition Unknown - Season 7

Josh investigates a three-man crew of WW2 Navy pilots lost in the Pacific for 75 years. He embarks on a daring mission to find their plane.


Curse Of The Carnivore

Dino Hunters - Season 1

Clayton and his team prepare to flip a 20,000-lb carnivore fossil from the earth. Mike hunts for a duckbill skull and Jared uncovers an ancient reptile.