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Grey Alien-Human Hybridization

UFO Witness - Season 2

A series of cattle mutilations may be linked to a twisted alien experiment. Ben and Melissa head to Colorado to investigate this strange connection.


The Alaskan Tiger

Alaska Monsters - Season 1

Hot on the trail of a huge feline who has been reported in the town of Paxson, Todd devises a trap, while Levi figures out a way to wirelessly trigger...


The Sasquatch of the South

Alaska Monsters - Season 1

The team heads to southern Alaska to investigate sightings of a highly temperamental Bigfoot. Todd and Rhett build a huge, electrified tepee to catch it.


The Secrets Of Mount Hayes

The Alaska Triangle - Season 1

Experts investigate reports of a secret alien base deep inside Alaska's highest mountain. Video evidence suggests extra-terrestrial activity in Fairbanks.


Javelins/Cuckoo Clocks/Windscreen Wipers

How It's Made - Season 11

How do they make javelins, cuckoo clocks, and windscreen wipers? Find out as more everyday items are put under the microscope.


Technical Glass/Washing Machines/Playing Cards

How It's Made - Season 11

How do they make technical glass, washing machines, playing cards and crossbows? Find out as more items are put under the microscope.


The Last Frontier Cuda

Kindig Customs - Season 6

A road warrior from Alaska arrives to add some improvements to an already solid build. To enhance performance, a new exhaust and tips are custom fabricated.


Cut, Replace, Repeat

Kindig Customs - Season 6

A simple yet classy Pontiac Tempest arrives for a ground-up build. But after the car is completely stripped, things get complicated.



Kindig Customs - Season 6

The Pontiac Tempest build continues as bodywork is completed and Dave has designed a killer new colour. Kevin shows off his powder-coating skills on a custom chassis.


Dodge Hodge Podge Part 2/Oldsmobile Delta 88

Fast N' Loud - Season 1

The crew struggles with a '64 Dodge truck, Richard digs out an Oldsmobile Delta '88 and broken brakes put a dent in Richard's wallet.


Ferrari Fix Part 1/Dead Head Bus

Fast N' Loud - Season 1

Buying a Ferrari F-40, the crew embark on the most expensive build in Gas Monkey history. But can they flip a Dead Head tour bus to recoup costs?


Ferrari Fix Part 2/1917 REO

Fast N' Loud - Season 1

The crew pushes to finish the Ferrari F40 and get it sold. Costs rise when the $8000 windshield gets broken. But can they still turn a profit?


Hunt For King Arthur's Castle

Blowing Up History - Season 2

A castle in Scotland may be the home of King Arthur's Round Table. Can the discovery of a disfigured skeleton reveal its secrets and rewrite history?


The Quest For King Arthur

Expedition Unknown - Season 2

Josh Gates traverses England, Wales and Scotland, wading through history and legend to search for evidence of a real King Arthur.


Viking Sunstone

Expedition Unknown - Season 1

Josh Gates travels to the UK and Norway to unlock the secrets of a mystical crystal used by the Vikings. Before testing it, he explores a crypt in a Nordic...


Hunt For Our Ancient Ancestors

Expedition Unknown - Season 6

Josh Gates travels the globe to unravel the mystery of humanity's origins. How did we survive to the modern day, and what does it mean for our future?


Revealing Ancient Ancestors

Expedition Unknown - Season 6

Josh Gates travels to Africa to find a distant relative and scale dangerous cliffs all to answer one question: Where did humans come from?



Pencil, Pan, Baseball Bat

Extraordinary Stories Behind Everyday Things - Season 1

The story behind how a baseball bat can be chiselled from a piece of wood in 37 seconds, and how Minnesota's Bundt pan revolutionised baking.


Jelly Bean, Sign, Snowboard

Extraordinary Stories Behind Everyday Things - Season 1

The story behind how a manufacturer from 1869 makes jelly beans from the inside out, and how a Colorado company redesigns snowboards.


Guns And Meth

Lone Star Law - Season 6

During a routine hunting licence check, Game Wardens Ben and Chelsea discover illegal drugs. And, trespassers get caught in a dangerous restricted area.


Deadly Dragon Of Borneo

Expedition Mungo - Season 1

The rivers of Borneo are prowled by Genali, a "serpent" that hunts children as they swim. Mungo tries to separate fact from fiction - could it be a python?


Secrets Of The MS Estonia

Mysteries Of The Deep - Season 2

Jeremy Wade explores the tragic sinking of the cruise ferry MS Estonia. He investigates new footage that casts doubt on the official version of events.


Episode 24

Deadliest Catch - Season 18

One of the deadliest jobs in the world is that of the Alaskan crab fisherman. They brave the treacherous waves of the Bering Sea in search of valuable king crabs.


Vauxhall Astra GTE

Wheeler Dealers - Season 17

Mike finally gets his hands on an Astra GTE. With spare parts hard to come by, the boys are determined to make a profit from this lengthy project.