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Freezer Burn

Gold Divers - Season 9

Shawn fights frozen ground with steam heat when the temperatures plummet to a season low. Plus, Vernon gambles on a new spot and Kris has a plan to beat the...


Enemy At The Gates

Moonshiners - Season 9

Mark and Digger team up with an old rival and sell their shine in a neighbouring county. Mike and Jerry's customers are getting their shine from another source.


First Blood

Deadliest Catch - Season 14

Jake becomes suspicious of Captain Keith's true intentions when he offers to take him on as an apprentice. Plus, Sig plots his revenge against his newest rival, Jake.


Freezer Burn

Gold Divers - Season 9

Shawn fights frozen ground with steam heat when the temperatures plummet to a season low. Plus, Vernon gambles on a new spot and Kris has a plan to beat the...


The Supernova

Kindig Customs - Season 4

16 years in the making, Kindig It Design finally finishes the '67 Nova. With a fairly standard exterior, will its over 2,000HP be powerful enough for the client?


Chop Top - Part 1

Iron Resurrection - Season 3

Joe loves to push limits. When a customer rolls into the shop with a 1950 Mercury Coupe, Joe wants to do a high-risk custom refit that could destroy this classic.


Episode 3

How Do They Do It? - Season 15

How do they make the distinctive Borsalino hat worn by Indiana Jones? And, how do they make a bicycle which can fold up to a tenth the size of a...



Combat Dealers - Season 4

Bruce hears about some second world war British airborne division gear from the battle of Arnhem for sale, which is of big interest to ex-paratroopers like him and Freddie.


Montana Mountaintop

Building Off The Grid - Season 3

A couple builds a high-tech mountain base camp overlooking the Montana backcountry. In such a remote location they will be pushed to the edge and beyond.


International: Scandinavia

Treehouse Masters - Season 6

Pete is on a treehouse holiday to the pine forest glory of Scandinavia, starting with Norway's magical TreeTop Hotel and hitting the Swedish treetops.


A New Chapter

Alaskan Bush People - Season 3

As Ami prepares to undergo treatment for lung cancer, Bear, Bird, and Rain work to give the family's homestead back to the bush- and the wolfpack looks to the future.


All About The Bass

Fast N' Loud - Season 5

Richard brings in Gas Monkey's first-ever guest builder. Dallas hot-rodder, Brian Bass, joins the guys to build a '60s style hot rod out of a '34 Ford Coupe.


VW Split-Screen

Wheeler Dealers - Season 11

Mike wants to splash the cash on a custom bus but Edd favours a more conservative campervan. Edd is an air-cooled expert but will this strategy pay dividends?


Hunt For The Big Bang

Strip the Cosmos - Season 2

A look at how the universe began. Scientists explore the fabric of the cosmos, using revolutionary new telescopes and computers to go back to the big bang.


American Nazis

Codes and Conspiracies - Season 2

From the rallies held at Madison Square Garden, to the plots to steal the secrets to the nation's weapons of war, the American Nazis terrorised the USA in the 1930s.



Combat Dealers - Season 2

Bruce blows up a van with WW2 rifle grenades and the twins ride the Redball Express. Bruce also tracks down an iconic 'Deuce-and-a-half' American army truck.


Dangerous Waters

Alaska: The Last Frontier - Season 9

Eivin and Eve launch a risky clean-up operation to clear a tangle of old nets endangering fish in a nearby river. And, Atz Sr. goes on a solo hunt for...


Block and Tackle

Alaskan Bush People - Season 3

The Brown family of nine hatches a plan to deal with a lumber shortage, but then a sudden injury threatens to split the family apart.


Merkur XR4Ti

Wheeler Dealers - Season 15

Mike gets nostalgic in a 1985 Merkur XR4Ti - AKA the Ford Sierra. He has found a rare competition shell model and Ant applies some unique European touches.



The Vomit Comet

Fast N' Loud - Season 4

With Aaron on vacation, Richard gets the Monkeys to give the Gas Monkey treatment to the first car he owned back in high school, a vomit green '74 Mercury Comet.


Episode 1

Outback Truckers - Season 4

Steve Grahame gets a double dose of bad on a brutal lap through the red centre. And Turbo is back, desperately battling to get his business out of a rut.


Cayenne You Dig It

Wheeler Dealers - Season 16

Mike and Ant take a chance on a 2006 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S. This performance SUV has a lot of horsepower - but potentially daunting repair bills.


Ed vs Will Lord

Ed Stafford: First Man Out - Season 2

Ed faces his old bushcraft teacher, Will Lord, in Bashan, central China. Both without a knife, they must navigate huge cliffs and Asia's largest bamboo forest.


Banished But Not Broken

Naked and Afraid XL - Season 5

With extraction just days away, a survivalist tries to complete the challenge alone. Gwen and Sarah push for one last kill and a snake bite could be lethal.