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Hard Times Make The Best Shine

Moonshiners - Season 10

As the pandemic disrupts markets, the moonshiners uncover a surplus of local ingredients. They'll need to get creative to keep up with demand.


Got Your Six

Gold Rush - Season 11

On the brink of ending his season, Fred Lewis' team begins to crack. Rick cashes in his gold to fund his season, leaving his crew to keep the season on...


Dustin To The Rescue

Gold Rush: White Water - Season 4

Fred turns to Dustin for help after finding an overhanging boulder that threatens divers below it. But tensions run high once Dustin takes control.


Living On The Edge

Homestead Rescue - Season 1

The Raney family begin their most ambitious rescue ever. Marty attempts a dangerous river crossing to get expensive gear to the homestead.


One If By River, Two If By Air

Homestead Rescue - Season 1

Helicopter pilot Eric battles dangerous weather conditions on an aerial supply mission. Plus, Misty and Maciah work on an innovative greenhouse.


Episode 10

How Do They Do It? - Season 12

How do they run a farm with robots? How do they build a machine to pick up thirty tonnes of logs in a single grab? And, how do they move...


The Bass Is Back

Fast N' Loud - Season 5

Brian Bass rejoins the Gas Monkeys as Richard plans to resurrect the iconic '92 Chevy 3500 Dually - known as the "Krew Kut" - to reveal at the Lone Star...


The Cutting Krew

Fast N' Loud - Season 5

Richard's plan to reveal the "Krew Kut" Dually at the Lone Star Throwdown hits a snag. With no top on the car, heavy rain forces the crew to change their...


Chop Shop Truck

Fast N' Loud - Season 5

Richard makes Brian Bass an offer he can't refuse to turn his antique Ford into the ultimate Gas Monkey shop truck. And, he gets a green 1970 Cuda on the...


Monsters And Monkeys

Fast N' Loud - Season 5

The Monkeys find themselves in a hot-rod dilemma when their 1950s flat-head isn't tailor-made for their '33 Ford pickup, as deadline approaches.


Chevy Chase

Fast N' Loud - Season 5

It's a blast of NASCAR as Richard and the Gas Monkeys dive into stock car racing. They start by turning a '52 Chevy Coupe into a fire-breathing dirt track racer.



Fast N' Loud - Season 5

Richard and the Gas Monkeys battle numerous setbacks to finish their old-time NASCAR tribute build. And, Richard is persuaded to work on a dubious '85 Zimmer.


Treehouse Of Terror

Homestead Rescue - Season 3

The Raneys tackle a treehouse cabin on the verge of collapse in Missouri. Misty constructs a greenhouse out of scavenged windows, and Matt builds a workshop.


Burned Out

Homestead Rescue - Season 3

In Northern California, the Raneys give a masterclass on rebuilding from scratch when they help a family whose homestead was destroyed in a devastating wildfire.


Idaho Death Trap

Homestead Rescue - Season 3

A family in Idaho suffers from a cabin on the verge of collapse and predator threat to 100 chickens. The Raneys set about making it liveable.


Arizona Washout

Homestead Rescue - Season 3

A daughter pleads for help from the Raneys to rescue her mother and stepfather whose failing homestead in Arizona faces deadly monsoon floods and a menacing cougar.


Smoky Mountain Fury

Homestead Rescue - Season 3

In the Smoky Mountains, the Raneys visit a homestead on the brink of collapse. They race to establish a viable homestead before the next big storm.


Volcano's Edge

Homestead Rescue - Season 3

The Raneys put their ingenuity to the test on a homestead in Hawaii that was destroyed by lava. They need to find a way of protecting it from future eruptions.



Paydirt Playbook

Gold Rush - Season 11

The miners reveal the secrets behind what it takes to strike it rich gold mining. From prospecting to the massive mining machinery, they hold nothing back.


Resurrecting Monsters

Gold Rush - Season 11

Parker cleans out gold-rich land and risks losing Sluicifer during a move to new ground. The Beets try to supercharge their season with a new trommel.


Travelall Around The World

Wheeler Dealers - Season 16

Mike and Ant welcome some history to the workshop: a 1968 International Harvester Travelall that's an ancestor of the modern SUV.


Cooler Than Dangit

Bad Chad Customs - Season 1

Chad Hiltz hosts an annual car show, Rockerbilly Weekend, in his back yard to promote Green Goblin Customs. The team build a cheap car for a big raffle prize.


Episode 5

Wheels That Fail - Season 2

A comedic compilation of dashcam clips and car design features wild rides, with dune buggy mountaineers, and police chases. And, drift professionals show off their moves.


Episode 6

Wheels That Fail - Season 2

Outrageous and dangerous misadventures on wheels are caught on camera. They include a Lamborghini rally, road trouble, and a custom-built superhero hog.


Chernobyl's Deadly Secrets

Mysteries of the Abandoned (Special) - Season 1

Philip Grossman examines the causes and outcomes of the events at the Chernobyl site. Was it an accident or one of the biggest sabotages in history?