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Opposites Don't Attract

Naked And Afraid - Season 8

A wilderness EMT and a tough homesteader try to survive in a coastal Colombian jungle. But when their priorities clash, their partnership becomes volatile.


Battle Of The Sexes

Naked And Afraid - Season 8

One team of men and one team of women attempt to survive in South Africa's unforgiving Vhembe Bush. Who will triumph in this 21-day battle of the sexes?


Plastic Bags/Solar Panels/Petrol Containers

How It's Made - Season 2

Plastic bags, solar panels, petrol containers. More everyday objects are examined to see how they were made.


Bicycle Helmets/Aluminium

How It's Made - Season 2

Discover how they manufacture bicycle helmets, produce aluminium, create lithium batteries and make car brakes.


Super Charged And Super Secret

Kindig Customs - Season 9

The 1955 Nomad is an iconic car, but the original power isn't enough for the current owner, who wants the guys to put a blower on to boost the power.


Point Of No Return

Deadliest Catch - Season 17

As hundreds of dolphins lead the Summer Bay into an approaching cyclone, Jake attempts a daring rescue. Sig makes a controversial call to save the fishery.


Nature's Super HQ

Treehouse Masters - Season 6

Pete and NTS build a five-platform "nature headquarters" for the For-Mar Nature Preserve in Michigan, helping a community still reeling from the 2014 water crisis.


Chasing Caribou

Alaska: The Last Frontier - Season 9

Jane heads to the Arctic Circle hoping to bag a caribou before winter. Meanwhile, Otto, Eivin, Charlotte and August wrap up the season's final cattle drive.


Episode 5

How Do They Do It? - Season 15

It's been tipping over for 800 years - what's the gravity-defying magic behind Pisa's leaning tower? And, how are chocolate digestive biscuits manufactured?


Episode 6

How Do They Do It? - Season 15

How did the ancient Greeks invent parchment with techniques still used today? And how do they make shuttlecocks, the fasting moving object in sport?


Land Rover Series 1

Wheeler Dealers - Season 17

Mike finds a rare Land Rover Series 1 that may not be all it seems. What starts as a simple cosmetic touch-up becomes a complicated and expensive restoration.


Episode 5

Salvage Hunters - Season 6

Drew travels to Woodlands Castle in Somerset and falls in love with some vintage toys. In Lincolnshire, he visits a reclamation yard that buys low and sells even lower.


Restricted Zone

Deadliest Catch - Season 17

The Time Bandit and Northwestern are struggling so they decide to join forces and throw cages down on either side of the restricted zone.


What Would Phil Harris Do?

Deadliest Catch - Season 17

With the Bairdi fishery open for the first time in years, Josh and John on the Time Bandit ask Casey and Sig to help tank the fleetwide quota.


Shots Fired

Alaskan Bush People - Season 3

In the wake of Ami's injury, the Browns have to work even harder to stay on track with winter prep. Birdie, Gabe and Bear set off to climb the alpine...


Hunt For King Arthur's Castle

Blowing Up History - Season 2

A castle in Scotland may be the home of King Arthur's Round Table. Can the discovery of a disfigured skeleton reveal its secrets and rewrite history?


Episode 7

Kindig Customs - Season 8

Dave and the crew proved they could execute Dave's production Corvette vision. But now that some have sold, they have to get them completely finished.


1987 Mercedes 560SL

Wheeler Dealers - Season 13

If money were no object, the Mercedes 560SL was the car to buy in the 1980s. Mike finds a well looked after example in need of a complete refresh.



Episode 6

Salvage Hunters - Season 6

Drew heads to Penzance in Cornwall where he battles with a dealer who doesn't like to let go of his stock. And in Norfolk, he has an enchanting tour through...


1965 Barracuda - Part 1

Wheeler Dealers - Season 15

Mike gets a classic 1965 Plymouth Barracuda for a bargain and wastes no time in converting it with a Hemi engine to give this ride a new lease of life.


Episode 8

Outback Truckers - Season 8

Tempers fray for cattle truckers David and Kylie when their engine blows, leaving them stranded. And, tractor trucker Mike takes a wrong turn and gets lost in the outback.


Triumph Dolomite Sprint

Wheeler Dealers - Season 18

It's the 50th anniversary of one of British motoring's forgotten heroes, the Triumph Dolomite Sprint. So, of course, Mike and Elvis have to get one.


1966 Chevy Time Machine

Shorty's Dream Shop - Season 1

A 1966 Chevy Impala convertible gets a full makeover from Shorty and the crew, with new paint, motor, interior and top, plus a ton of rust repair.


Civil War Ghosts In The Bay

Expedition X - Season 3

Jess and Phil dive deeper into the tragic history of Fort Morgan. Amy Bruni and Adam Berry join them for the investigation.