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Water To Ice

Alaskan Bush People - Season 5

The ranch faces another crisis when the water supply freezes. Plus, the Wolfpack must problem solve to get the house back on track in time for the deep freeze.


A Bottle For Your Thoughts

Alaskan Bush People - Season 5

Bear stays in the woods overnight after learning some life-changing news. Plus, Sister Bird makes an unusual gift for Gabe and Bam works on the house.


The Land Giveths And Takeths

Alaskan Bush People - Season 5

The Browns prepare for a medieval-themed birthday celebration for Baby Eli. And, they complete the main house before a huge wildfire strikes.


New Ways On The Homestead

Alaska: The Last Frontier - Season 9

With winter ending early, the Kilchers spring into action. Eivin and August struggle to resupply the head of the bay while Jane and Eve go hunting.


Rusted And Busted

Alaska: The Last Frontier - Season 9

Otto surveys the condition of his rusting barge after a winter in drydock, while Eivin and Eve use explosives to clear land for a new root cellar.


Bears Descend

Alaska: The Last Frontier - Season 9

In preparation for the spring cattle drive, Atz Lee, Otto and August survey the homestead for signs of bear and employ modern surveillance to track their movement.


Duvets, Drill Pipes, Rubber Bands

How Do They Do It? - Season 13

How do they make the world's softest duvets, drill for oil thousands of metres below ground, and put the stretch in rubber bands?


1973 Chevrolet Camaro

Wheeler Dealers - Season 13

Mike and Edd are back in their West Coast workshop in the US and fixing up a 1973 Chevrolet Camaro. Can the guys still make a profit after restoring it?


1963 Sunbeam Alpine

Wheeler Dealers - Season 13

Mike hunts the first ever Bond car, a 1963 Sunbeam Alpine. He finds a rust-free race-ready motor and Edd must deal with some surprises in the engine bay.


1992 AM General Humvee

Wheeler Dealers - Season 13

Mike goes looking for a Humvee. He and Edd create a four-wheel drive camping vehicle that can take you to places no camper has been before.


1985 Maserati Biturbo

Wheeler Dealers - Season 13

Mike discovers a 1985 Maserati Bi-Turbo that was converted to electric in the early 90s. Can they work on their first ever electric project and still profit?


1916 Cadillac V8

Wheeler Dealers - Season 13

Edd surprises Mike back in England by purchasing a 1916 Cadillac. The guys work hard to get the car ready for a 9000-mile endurance rally known as Peking to Paris.


Best Of #2

Wheeler Dealers - Season 13

Mike and Edd look over a few cars in the garage as they reminisce about the recent projects, with insight into how they went while looking at never seen before...


VE Day Special

Combat Dealers - Season 5

Bruce Crompton marks the 75th Anniversary of VE Day, sending rare German halftrack vehicles to partake in a battle re-enactment. In France, he seeks VE Day relics.


Episode 2

Combat Dealers - Season 5

Charismatic Bruce Crompton and his team, buy, repair and sell World War II military gear, travelling the world in search of rare artefacts to restore and sell.


Episode 3

Combat Dealers - Season 5

Bruce hunts down relics of one of the greatest military commanders of all-time, George S. Patton. Then, he tries to close a deal worth £200,000.


Episode 4

Combat Dealers - Season 5

After four years of careful restoration, Bruce races to get his Panther tank ready to ship to Australia. And, he discovers an interesting tank manual.


Episode 5

Combat Dealers - Season 5

A video game company send Bruce on a mission to find items relating to the Blitz. He tries to buy a 50-kilogram Luftwaffe bomb and an air raid siren.


Episode 6

Combat Dealers - Season 5

Bruce is asked to find World War Two spy items that help tell the story of Ian Fleming and James Bond. First, he visits a debonair dealer in London.



All About The Bass

Fast N' Loud - Season 5

Richard brings in Gas Monkey's first-ever guest builder. Dallas hot-rodder, Brian Bass, joins the guys to build a '60s style hot rod out of a '34 Ford Coupe.


Ohio Valley Hut

Building Off The Grid - Season 1

Two brothers are building a high-end, off-grid vacation home in the middle of their 2,000-acre cattle ranch. They only have four months to complete it.


Alaskans Unite

Homestead Rescue: Raney Ranch - Season 1

Misty must complete her cabin roof without help from Maciah. Marty gives a cabin-warming gift to Mollee, and the family commit to a mini rescue.


Terror In Ape Canyon

Expedition X - Season 2

Chasing Bigfoot's origin story, Phil and Jessica uncover a rash of recent sightings and bone-chilling new evidence in the Pacific Northwest.


Human Bait

Expedition Bigfoot - Season 1

Mireya and Ronny return to where they heard whistles and saw glowing eyes. Meanwhile, Mireya agrees to be bait in order to lure out Bigfoot.


Restricted Zone

Deadliest Catch - Season 17

The Time Bandit and Northwestern are struggling so they decide to join forces and throw cages down on either side of the restricted zone.