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The Italian Job

Combat Dealers - Season 3

Bruce and Hus are on an Italian road-trip. From Venice to Lake Garda they meet up with dealers whose objects tell the incredible story of Italy in WWII.



Ed Stafford: First Man Out - Season 3

Ed Stafford risks his life in North Kenya's scorching hot volcanic barrier to compete against Max Djenohan, a young, elite survivalist determined to prove he's the best.


Frozen: Rocky Road Ahead

Naked and Afraid XL - Season 8

Twelve elite survivalists take on the sub-freezing Rocky Mountains of Montana. Severe dehydration puts a survivalist's challenge at risk.


Heart And Soul Of The Pack

Alaskan Bush People - Season 7

It's been a challenging year for the Brown sisters and so the family pays tribute to the crucial role Bird and Rain play within the Wolfpack.


Thunder Pumpkins

Moonshiners - Season 6

An ingredient has Josh and Chuck ready to quit the business. Mark and Digger team up with JB to run their signature spirit but a mishap could send them running.


Range Rover

Wheeler Dealers - Season 8

Mike buys a bargain Range Rover P38 and Edd sets about mending it. They head to the wilds of Exmoor to give the car a final test drive before searching...


Dodge Charger

Wheeler Dealers - Season 8

Mike heads to America in search of one of the finest cars in the US, the Dodge Charger. But such a prestigious car carries a hefty price tag. Can he...


Gut Instinct

Deadliest Catch - Season 16

As Sig is troubled by an injury, Mandy takes the helm to face a disgruntled Northwestern crew. Plus, Josh and Casey suffer tragedy on the Cornelia Marie.


Storm Shelter Showdown - Part 1

Homestead Rescue - Season 1

The Raneys arrive in Missouri to see a family that has just survived a tornado. Living in a crumbling cabin, they also have no clean water source.


Mountain Danger

Railroad Alaska - Season 2

Dan Mawhinney is in a race to airlift his stranded snow machine out of the frozen tundra. Orville and Jackie James face their first winter alone in the wilderness.


Episode 11

How Do They Do It? - Season 12

How do they build a towering scaffold from giant poles of bamboo? And how do they mine for the mineral that makes fireworks burn red?


Episode 12

How Do They Do It? - Season 12

How do they handcraft Espadrilles shoes? How do they make prefabricated houses? And how they store priceless documents to keep them safe for hundreds of years?


Scott's VW Campervan

Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car - Season 2

Scott would love to own a VW Campervan to take his son on trips around their native Scotland. With Camper prices soaring, Mike and Elvis must be creative.


Episode 10

Salvage Hunters - Season 2

Salvager Drew Pritchard goes head to head with the lord of the manor, uncovers treasures in an Oxfordshire brewery and drives a hard bargain with a fairground fanatic in Essex.


King Kong

Gold Rush - Season 8

Parker fulfils a life time ambition when he buys his first Klondike claim. Plus, Todd attempts to uses chemical integrity to break a monster boulder that's in his path.


Busted And Bushfixed

Gold Rush - Season 8

To deliver incredible gold hauls, the miners have to keep the equipment running at all costs. The miners look back at the worst breakdowns and heroic fixes.


Piney Woods Place

Building Off The Grid - Season 1

A woman uses her artistic background to construct a remote sanctuary in the woods of Northwest Texas. The two-story home uses a mixture of sand, clay and straw.



Homestead Rescue - Season 1

In Hawaii the Raneys attempt to save two homesteaders whose dream homestead lays a flash-flood zone. As the weather closes in, can they save the property from the water?


TVR Griffith

Wheeler Dealers - Season 17

Mike and Elvis take a gamble on a TVR Griffith. But first, the guys have to pick it apart before restoring and testing the full impact of this iconic sports...



Episode 1

Salvage Hunters - Season 3

Drew is captivated by, Hesleyside Hall, a Northumbrian country house full of potential salvaging gold. But will its owners prove a match for the canny salvager?


The Bitchin' Gasser

Kindig Customs - Season 3

The shop takes on a new challenge in the form of building a gasser race car. Plus, Dave preps a 2012 pickup truck for his teenage son.



Gold Rush - Season 13

Parker's crew is hit with a series of mysterious breakdowns at the Airstrip. Fred's mechanic must decode a washplant belt issue to stay on Freedom Cut gold.


Can You Dig It?

Legendary Locations - Season 2

Josh Gates digs deep to uncover the buried secrets of six legendary locations. Places include a treacherous island prison in Ireland.


Legend Of The Adriatic

Hunting Atlantis - Season 1

Stel and Jess dig into unexplored archaeological sites along the Adriatic coast of Croatia. They find a network of sinkholes big enough to swallow an ancient city.


Trouble In Paradise

Naked And Afraid - Season 4

Riley and Kyle venture deep into the Honduran jungle. Facing torrential downpours, brutal wind storms and plummeting temperatures, will they survive 21 days?