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Bitchin' Rides - Season 6

The Pontiac Tempest build continues as bodywork is completed and Dave has designed a killer new colour. Kevin shows off his powder-coating skills on a custom chassis.


Chop Top - Part 1

Iron Resurrection - Season 3

Joe loves to push limits. When a customer rolls into the shop with a 1950 Mercury Coupe, Joe wants to do a high-risk custom refit that could destroy this classic.


Fowl Weather Friends

Alaskan Bush People - Season 4

Birdie goes on a treacherous hunt to bring home meat for the family and save her chickens from slaughter. Later, Noah constructs an automatic diaper machine.



Bitchin' Rides - Season 6

The Pontiac Tempest build continues as bodywork is completed and Dave has designed a killer new colour. Kevin shows off his powder-coating skills on a custom chassis.


Knife In The Ribs

Deadliest Catch - Season 15

The first arctic storm of the season arrives and Saga's deck boss takes a knife to the ribs. Bill tries out a new management style to motivate a lazy greenhorn.


Single Point Of Failure

Deadliest Catch - Season 15

With Mandy alone at the helm, a freak accident threatens the Northwestern crew. And, Harley's launcher snaps at the worst possible moment.


Handcrafted Skis, Septic Tanks

How It's Made - Season 23

How are handcrafted skis, septic tanks, hydroformed chassis pants, and aquarium windows made?


The Pink Panther

Combat Dealers - Season 3

Bruce gets hold of an extremely rare, and valuable, German Panther tank - and its original undercoat is more pink than camouflage. But getting parts is a struggle.


My Secrets of the Unknown

Ed Stafford: Into the Unknown - Season 1

Go behind the scenes as Ed offers his tips on packing for an expedition and reflects on his personal highs and lows from his journey into the unknown.


Episode 12

Outback Truckers - Season 2

Turbo is fighting to stay on track and on schedule to complete a marathon trek home. Meanwhile, in Tasmania Euan is hitching a ride to deliver a volatile road.


Final Crossing

Deadliest Catch: Dungeon Cove - Season 1

After weeks battling the Pacific, Oregon's crab fleet nears the finish line. Lethal waves mean Captain Mikey Retherford Jr faces a deadly bar crossing into port.


Deathbed Confessions

UFOs: The Lost Evidence - Season 1

UFO researchers believe NASA is hiding the truth about alien life. Could the deathbed confessions of famous scientists reveal a history of otherworldly contact?


Keeping It Shelby

Fast N' Loud - Season 6

Richard's beloved Mustang breaks down weeks before he is supposed to show it at the Shelby Car Show in Tulsa. They fix up the car making it the star of...


Rival Survival

Deadliest Catch - Season 15

Amid the heaviest competition in years, Mandy holds a steady course and hits the king crab jackpot. Jake aims for bigger bounty despite continuous mechanical issues.


The Day Santa Came To The Homestead

Alaska: The Last Frontier - Season 7

It's Christmas time and the Kilchers celebrate by playing Secret Santa! After a strenuous summer the family kick back and enjoy the festivities.


UFO Tech

UFOs: The Lost Evidence - Season 2

Humanity's rapid technological advances have transformed the way humans live. Could extraterrestrials be involved and aided these scientific innovations?


Breaking Points

Yukon Men - Season 3

Change is coming for the Yukon Men. The village is visited by the Governor of Alaska, who bears news that will change the town and its people forever.


A Caldera-What?

Kindig Customs - Season 5

An old build is back for new customisations and a new name. With Kevin out of town, Dave tries to sneak a personal project through the doors.


Clash Of The Titan

Diesel Brothers - Season 1

Heavy D fulfils his childhood dream of driving a truck in Monster Jam. And, the team pulls out all the stops in their next giveaway build - a sleek Nissan...



Fast N' Live: Uncensored

Fast N' Loud - Season 2

Join the Gas Monkey crew for footage you weren't supposed to see as well as some of their top moments. Plus, the winner of the Bandit Trans Am is announced.


Episode 5

Supertruckers - Season 3

John, Steve, Deano and Simon move four huge 90-ton dumper trucks from South Wales to Tilbury docks. Plus, Arran takes modular homes from the Hull manufacturers to a Bedford school.



Combat Dealers - Season 2

Bruce hits the Philippines with his sidekick Freddy, where they find remnants of Japanese occupation in WW2 in the form of a rusty artillery gun.


Monster Red Lives

Gold Rush - Season 10

In Colorado, Rick is on the hunt for a washplant - and Hoffman's Monster Red looks promising. Meanwhile, Monica's Hunker Creek cut is hit by flooding.


The Pound Zone

Gold Rush: White Water - Season 3

Dustin's crew finds an ideal claim to mine, but to reach the gold they must make it through the waterfall's pound zone. Meanwhile, Fred brings in a new miner.


Guts & Gravel

Gold Divers - Season 8

Before the winter freeze, Shawn gambles to dig deeper than ever as Ken brings the heat. The Kellys restart with a new dredge design and Emily aims to work non-stop.