Manhunt is the real-life game of cat-and-mouse, pitting former Navy SEAL Joel Lambert against the world's most experienced hunting and tracking units.

In each episode, Joel faces a daunting task: after being abandoned in unfamiliar foreign territory with nothing but a basic survival kit and a canteen of water, he has up to 36 hours to reach a pre-determined extraction point, while being pursued by a different hunter force each week – Maori warriors in New Zealand, nomadic Mongolian hunters in Mongolia, a backwoods survivalist group in Florida, the PGJE Mexican State Police Force on the U.S.-Mexico border, Ghillies in Scotland, and the Aiken County Sheriff’s Bloodhound Tracking Team in South Carolina.

Joel attempts to evade capture with the diversionary tactics and escape and evasion techniques he mastered during his 10 years' experience as a Navy SEAL. But pitted against what seem to be insurmountable odds, will Joel's training, skill and cunning be enough to help him escape?

The hunt is on...