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Revealing the real-life stories of people who have been the victims of violent crime. With interviews with investigators and those close to the case.


Episode 1

No End In Sight

Not long after moving into an upscale neighbourhood in the town of Newark, Delaware, a couple's idyllic life is shattered by a vicious attack and kidnapping.

Episode 2

Heart Of Darkness

In 2015, the small town of Bremerton, Washington State, is rocked by the brutal murder of a popular young woman, attacked in her own home.

Episode 3

Never Saw It Coming

A 30-year-old recent divorcee finds herself working two jobs to make ends meet. She has no idea her new waitressing job will put her in deadly danger.

Episode 4

The Night Shift

A single mother relocates to Florida and lands a job at a local diner. But one night, a surprise confrontation with customers ends in murder.

Episode 5

Do You Love Me?

Jeanne and her daughters, Marie and Anna, are a close family. But when Jeanne and Anna look for love in the wrong places, it ends in heartbreak, lies, and murder.

Episode 6

Living In Fear

With her kind heart, Michelle is the rock of her family. But her weakness for troubled men leaves her vulnerable to evil intentions and deadly consequences.

Episode 7

He's Back

When Natalie moves to Norfolk, Virginia, she makes new friends both on and off her high school dance squad. But she's unaware a violent obsession revolves around her.

Episode 8

Danger In Store

After a bad breakup, a single mum finds love again. But after the couple moves to Florida with her daughter, relationship problems hit a brutal point of no return.

Episode 9

No Escape

When Peggy returns to school to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor, she catches the eye of a fellow student. But, she has no idea of his dark and...

Episode 10

Root Of All Evil

Sheila Dates and her daughter love spending time together. But one morning, their lives are changed forever when two unexpected guests appear at their doorstep.

Episode 11

The Grudge

A doctor's assistant and part-time model attracts her fair share of admirers. But one encounter sparks a devastating and fatal sequence of events.

Episode 12

The Watcher

On a rare day off from work, Carrie and a friend embark on a well-deserved night out. But, an unexpected confrontation puts her on a dangerous collision course.

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