About The Show

Justin Nichols is the mastermind behind Nichols Paint & Fab. With the help of his incredible team, he creates some of the most impressive builds in the world.


Episode 1

Draggin' Steel

Justin and crew's skills are put to the test when a client brings in a Mustang to turn into the ultimate drag car. Justin finally gets to race his custom...

Episode 2

The Wild Mustang

At the shop, work continues on turning the 1990 Mustang into the definitive drag car. Meanwhile, Justin makes some custom jogs for a client's Harley project.

Episode 3

In The Bag(Ger)

Justin and the crew are ready to put the Midwest shop on the national map with their very first SEMA bike build. And, they modify an exhaust.

Episode 4

Bustin' At The Sema

Justin and the team are ready to show off their best work at SEMA, with the guys' very first SEMA bike build: a custom bagger with lay frame.

Episode 5

Riviera Chop

Justin takes on what may be his biggest job yet! A client brings him a 1963 first-generation Buick Riviera to customise and take on the power tour.

Episode 6

Bigger And Badder

The crew continue their work on the 1963 Riviera, and Justin scores an opportunity to create a unique Nichols Paint and Fab hot rod truck for a local dealer.

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