Episode 1

Fall Of France

First-hand accounts and archive footage reveal the devastation of the German attack on France. During the Blitzkrieg, the Allies worked furiously to keep their ground.

Episode 2

Battle Of Britain

As the war progresses from the ground into the sky, young brave pilots give their all for the Ally cause. Features archival footage and eye-witness accounts.

Episode 3

U-Boat Terror

Eye-witness accounts and archival footage describe the German U-Boat push into British waters. Features real life stories of bravery and new technologies in the war.

Episode 4

Pearl Harbor

The shocking attack on Pearl Harbor introduced a powerful new element into the war. Featuring eye-witness accounts and archival footage of the war in the Pacific.

Episode 5

Bombing The Reich

As the United States joins the conflict, western forces bring the war to the Axis front, with extreme costs. And, German civilians are touched by devastation.

Episode 6

Road To Burma

Japan begins its expansion into South East Asia while the Allies attempt to block the empire's aggression. The war in the Pacific become more brutal.

Episode 7

Desert War

As the war encompasses the globe, the conflict takes root in Africa. Mussolini sends ill-prepared soldiers into the field, forcing Germany to come to his aid.

Episode 8

Hell In the Pacific

The US military faces a formidable enemy in Japan's forces at sea and in the air. The brave men and women who fought in the Pacific share their stories.

Episode 9

Eastern Front

As war reaches a critical turning point, German soldiers face the harsh climate of the Eastern Front as well as the full-force of the Red Army fighters.

Episode 10

D-Day And Liberation

Despite the Germans effort to protect France, the Allies' invasion ends in triumphant victory. The brave soldiers reveal their astonishing first-hand stories.

Episode 11

Fall Of Berlin

After months of vigorous fighting, the Allies continue to push from the West to Berlin. Survivors recount the horrors behind finding Germany's concentration camps.

Episode 12

Final Victory

The war in the Pacific nears its violent end as a drastic tactic triggers the nuclear age. The brave men share their thoughts behind the war's most tragic events.

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