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28th December


About The Show

The extraordinary real-life stories of men and women who believed they were happily married until the day they uncovered a shocking secret about their spouse.


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Episode 1

Love Sick

Schoolteacher Donna loves her loyal and attentive husband Jim, who diligently nurses her when she becomes grievously ill. But why exactly is Donna's liver failing?

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Episode 2

One Night Affair

Days after small town girl Robin threatens to leave her unfaithful husband Jerry, a young woman is murdered in nearby woods. Does Jerry know the victim?

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Episode 5

Houston, We Have a Marital Problem

Loyal Mormon wife Kaydee forgives her talented husband's philandering. But is sexual fidelity the only thing this NASA scientist is lying about?

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Episode 6

Stranger In My House

When Andy meets an eligible British bachelor online she quickly falls in love. But is this dreamy man literally too good to be true?

Coming Soon

Episode 7

You Get What You Pay For

A quiet and reserved young bride metamorphoses into a domineering harridan with an insatiable need to shop. Where will Dorothy's greed lead her?

Coming Soon

Episode 8

The Unexpected Life

Mormon bishop Sean is a financial whizz whose skills have afforded his family a mansion and a classic car collection. But is this pillar of the community legit?

Coming Soon

Episode 10

Field of Schemes

When Jen's popular husband Jack sets up a baseball academy for local kids everyone is keen to get involved. But is this pro player investing their money honestly?

Coming Soon

Episode 12

Homeland Insecurity

Oil rig worker Glenn pretends to his wife and kids that he is an ex-marine working undercover for homeland security. But is the truth about to be exposed?