Episode 1

Meet the Plaths

Kim and Barry Plath live in Georgia with their nine children. They don't watch TV, drink fizzy drinks and are home-schooled, but things are about to change!

Episode 2

Starving For Independence

Kim lets Moriah go to San Francisco, giving Moriah her first taste of freedom. The sheltered life Kim and Barry wanted for their kids is fading.

Episode 3

Mom's Gonna Find Out

Kim and Barry leave the farm for the night to celebrate their anniversary. The Plath kids decide to throw a party and some unwanted guests show up.

Episode 4

No Strings Attached

The family divide grows after Barry and Kim deny the request for Isaac to join the band. Plus, Moriah craves more freedom and shares her desire to go to college.

Episode 5

Just Look Cool

Moriah and Kim plan a college tour. Micah tries modelling but nearly jeopardizes his career before it begins. Ethan, Olivia, Kim & Barry finally discuss their issues.

Episode 6

The Big Announcement

Kim takes Moriah on her first college tour, Micah nearly jeopardises his career as a model before it's started. Plus, Moriah has some big news for the family.