About The Show

The Plaths are a blonde, blue-eyed family of eleven in south-eastern Georgia. They share a passion for music, religion, family life and traditional roles.


Episode 1

Is This A Dagger Which I See?

Ethan and Olivia's European trip is spoilt. Moriah makes a big decision without warning. Kim and Barry attempt to navigate the challenges of divorce.

Episode 2

No Legacy So Rich As Honesty

Ethan struggles to find balance as he is pulled between Olivia and his family. Barry and Micah strengthen their new bond. Kim considers dating again.

Episode 3

To Thine Own Self Be True

Micah is surprised to learn Kim's ready to start dating. Barry and the boys have a fun night out but miss Ethan. Moriah continues her healing journey.

Episode 4

Life's But A Walking Shadow

Frustrated by the rift between Olivia and his family, Ethan hopes time can heal their issues. Barry gets personal with Micah about the divorce.

Episode 5

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Barry and Kim sit down with the kids to speak about more changes in the family. Moriah gets a tattoo whilst Ethan and Olivia say goodbye to Tampa.

Episode 6

Come What Come May...

Ethan and Olivia have settled into their new town in Minnesota and express high hopes for their marriage. Micah questions his future in Los Angeles.

Episode 11

The Wheel Is Come Full Circle

Moriah attempts to break the ice and reaches out to Ethan. Olivia extends an olive branch to Micah, hoping he will meet with her on her terms.

Episode 12

Off With His Head!

Olivia and Ethan realise their marriage has reached an impasse. Kim and Barry struggle to co-parent. Barry and Isaac visit Micah in Los Angeles.

Episode 13

Lose Mine Honor, Lose Myself

Barry and Ethan have a heart-to-heart. Olivia takes a trip to get some clarity on her marriage. Moriah meets with Ethan for the first time in a year.

Episode 14

To Be or Not To Be...

Ethan and Moriah's feud comes to a head as they hash out past disagreements. Plus, Kim moves the remainder of her things out of the family home.

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