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The Plaths are a blonde, blue-eyed family of eleven in south-eastern Georgia. They share a passion for music, religion, family life and traditional roles.


Episode 7

Romeo, Romeo!

Olivia and Ethan host Lydia Grace and her boyfriend for Christmas. Micah and Moriah struggle to reconcile with Ethan. Oliva and Ethan's marital tension resurfaces.

Episode 8

The Winter Of Our Discontent

Kim starts new Christmas traditions whilst Barry and Micah spend the holidays alone. Plus, Ethan and Olivia admit they have major marriage troubles.

Episode 9

So Foul And Fair A Day

Kim nervously shares her dating news and Olivia hits her breaking point. Moriah decides to text Ethan and is taken aback by his response.

Episode 10

I Am Not Bound To Please...

Ethan heads to Cairo to reconnect with his family whilst Olivia talks to her friend about her marital issues. Plus, Kim comes clean to Amber about Ken.

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