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How can you find water in the baking salt flats of Mexico, skin snakes in Panama; and battle Indonesian sharks? Bear reveals his secrets.


Episode 1

Arizona Sky Islands

Bear flies into the dry desert of Arizona in a wingsuit. On the ground he demonstrates how to navigate the terrain, find water, and avoid deadly rattlesnakes.

Episode 2

Borneo Jungle

Bear is dropped into the Borneo jungle and must climb down 100 feet of vines to reach the ground. Then he must battle snakes, leeches, and the weather to escape.

Episode 3

Malaysian Archipelago

Bear drops onto an island off the Borneo coast where he fights dense jungle and scales cliffs to find freshwater - but can he spear fish at depths of 20ft?

Episode 4

Global Survival Guide

Bear shares the techniques that will help you find water in deserts, escape jungles, and cross mountains, so that you stay alive - wherever you're stranded.

Episode 5

New Zealand South Island

Bear is crossing the Seven Alps Mountains when he slips into a river. Will he be able to keep moving and cross an impassable canyon to reach the coast?

Episode 6

Land of the Maori

Bear explores New Zealand's volcanic north island, navigating dense forest and crossing raging rivers. Will his ingenious plan to utilise a broken phone pay off?

Episode 7

Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal joins Bear in Iceland; will he be able to conquer his fear of heights to cross a ravine, force his way through blizzards, and manage his hunger?

Episode 8

Iceland Fire And Ice

Bear is in Iceland, where 130 volcanic mountains constantly threaten to erupt, and extreme cold can kill. Plus, how can you protect yourself from a squall?

Episode 9

Red Rock Country

In Utah, Bear keeps an eye out for cougars, black bears, and rattle snakes. But as he navigates the canyons, will he be able to control the speed of his...

Episode 10

Working the Wild

How does the team film Bear as he journeys across deserts, mountains, and jungles? Find out as they revisit his riskiest stunts in this behind-the-scenes special.

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