Episode 1


Warren Pole heads to Ducati's advanced rider race school where he attempts to beat Marco Lucchinelli on a flying lap around the Imola circuit.

Episode 2


Warren Pole travels to Decazeville in southern France to take part in hillclimbing, one of the oldest motorsports around, which pits man against mountain.

Episode 3

Isle of Man

Presenter Warren Pole has been entered into a drag race at the legendary Isle of Man TT, onboard a bike that can reach speeds of 250mph.

Episode 4


Warren Pole has just one day's training with Hungarian stunt riding champion Angyal Zoltán, before he has to perform in front of 5,000 hardcore fans.

Episode 5


Warren Pole travels to the historical town of Gniezno in Poland to check out their national obsession, speedway - and then takes a 'crash' course in the sport.

Episode 6


Warren Pole joins the line-up at the Erzbergrodeo. Known as the toughest offroad bike race in the world, of the 500 starters less than 40 will finish.

Episode 7


Presenter Warren Pole travels to the eastern frontier of Europe in search of Russian Ural sidecars that date back to World War II.

Episode 8


Presenter Warren Pole travels to the frozen north to have a go at ice racing, a winter version of speedway on bikes with vicious spiked tyres.

Episode 9


Warren Pole travels to Kuppenheim to find out about motoball, a strange hybrid of football, played on motorbikes. He also attends a local BMW festival.

Episode 10


Take one viciously fast motorbike, attach a sidecar to it and make presenter Warren Pole the passenger or 'monkey' in the Sidecar Cross Championships.

Episode 11

Czech Republic

Presenter Warren Pole attempts to learn the fine art of trials riding, the ultimate test of a riders balance and machine control over speed.

Episode 12


Warren Pole takes part in Superbiker, the world's largest supermoto event, where the best riders from supermoto, motocross and circuit racing compete.

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