About The Show

The quest to push the limits of knowledge draws scientists to the darkest places on Earth. Protecting them from danger is a brotherhood of survivalists sworn to keep them alive.


Episode 1

Into The Dangerous And Unknown

Scientists are taken on three different missions - the kill-zone of an active volcano, the rainforests of Papua New Guinea, and the Bolivian jungle.

Episode 2

Baptism By Fire

Rookie trailblazer Chris leads the hunt for a caiman after Nick's accident. Plus, a lightning storm pins down Shaun's team on an active volcano.

Episode 3

Landslides and Deadfall

In Papua New Guinea, Gary ascends 300 feet into the jungle canopy in search of new plants, while Chris goes out on the water to confront a giant caiman.

Episode 4

Lost in the Jungle

As mission time runs out, Shaun and team face volcanic fire in Ecuador. Bat expert Rob goes missing in the jungle and Chris must rethink how to catch a caiman.

Episode 5

Man Vs Beast

Shaun dodges volcanic bombs in Ecuador, rookie Trailblazer Chris baits a giant caiman in Bolivia, and the Papua New Guinea mission derails when scientist Rob gets lost.

Episode 6

Darkness And Light

Shaun attempts to place sensors on an active volcano, rookie Trailblazer Chris wrestles a black caiman, and Gary heads into a mountain cave to find rare bats.

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