Episode 1

Ferrari F40

Racing driver Marino Franchitti adores the Ferrari F40. He hopes a few fast laps can convince a sceptical Drew Pritchard of this supercar's prowess.

Episode 2

Stovebolt Special

Drew Pritchard has been obsessed with the Stovebolt Special for decades. He takes this extraordinary car for a ride with racing driver Marino Franchitti.

Episode 3

Lotus 72

Marino takes his mates to see arguably the most successful Formula One car of all time - the Lotus 72. His drive in this iconic car turns out to be...

Episode 4

Mini Cooper S

Broadcaster Andy Jaye champions the car in which Paddy Hopkirk famously won the 1964 Monte Carlo. Can Andy get a doubtful Marino on board with the Mini Cooper S?

Episode 5

Aston Martin Ulster

Marino visits one of Britain's best private car collections to see an Aston Martin Ulster. Will Drew and Andy appreciate this beautiful pre-war endurance racer?

Episode 6

Porsche 911 ST

Drew picks the Porsche 911 ST, a racing variant of a highly successful sports car. The whole gang love this car and can't wait to get it on the track.

Episode 7

Subaru Impreza

Marino believes the Subaru Impreza is the greatest rally car of all time. His ride in this car - once driven by Colin McRae - proves to be a special...

Episode 8

Bugatti T35

Drew champions arguably the most successful racing car of all time - the Bugatti T35. He thinks it's the finest car ever built, but Marino and Andy will need convincing.

Episode 9

Jaguar XJ220

Broadcaster Andy Jaye picks a true British supercar - the Jaguar XJ220. It was the fastest road car in the world when launched and a controversial winner at Le Mans.

Episode 10

Hot Rod 'Nasty Habit'

Drew surprises everyone when he picks a 520bhp Hot Rod called Nasty Habit. Can he make Andy and Marino fall in love with this left field choice?

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