Episode 1

Elephant Toothpaste

Mark features some of his biggest and craziest experiments ever and highlights his relationship with a young man who motivated his second world record attempt.

Episode 2

Yes, I'm The Glitter Bomb Guy

With over 229 million YouTube views, the glitter bomb videos are a pop culture mainstay. Mark talks through the origin story to the current iteration.

Episode 3

Attack Of The Squirrels

In his quest to understand terminal velocity, Mark carefully studies some furry friends before jumping out of an airplane to become a flying human squirrel.

Episode 4

Swimming In Orbeez

Mark talks about three pools each filled with either 25 million Orbeez, liquid sand or jello, before unveiling a never-before-seen, top-secret blaster.

Episode 5

Supersized Toys

Mark dives into the most absurdly scaled-up toys he's ever made. But has he met his match with a brand-new toy that ends with a bullseye-induced fireball?

Episode 6

Turbo Sports

Mark gets sporty in a field-goal kicking contest with his mechanical creation, shows off a rocket-powered golf club and perfects the art of rock skipping.

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