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Explore a pilot’s encounter with possible UFO life forms and his subsequent disappearance. Plus, what are the weird blue creatures terrorising Texas?


Episode 1

America's Haunted Highway

Chuck Zukowski has been investigating phenomena across the USA for 25 years. Now he spots a pattern: reports of UFOs along the 37th degree parallel.

Episode 2

Death from the Sky and Mexican Chupacabra

A dead body inexplicably appears as if it has fallen from the sky. Plus, mysterious attacks leave livestock drained of their blood.

Episode 3

Confessions Of The Exorcist

A participant in the exorcism that inspired the movie The Exorcist reveals his experience. Plus, the baffling case of 100 dead elk.

Episode 4

Curse of Terror Island

Three lighthouse keepers mysteriously disappear from an island. Plus, Russian police are handed a mummified alien baby.

Episode 5

Peruvian Alien Skull and Baltic Sea UFO

In Peru, a tiny skeleton resists medical explanation. Is it a missing link in human evolution? Or proof of extra-terrestrial contact?

Episode 6

Siberian Lake Monster

An amateur archaeologist claims he has uncovered five giant pyramids. Plus, a mysterious creature terrorises a lake.

Episode 7

Are Aliens Attacking Our Nuclear Arsenal?

Military personnel witness UFOs above nuclear weapons bases. What could the alien's motives be and could they pose any threat?

Episode 8

Forbidden Land Of The Giants

In the Borjami Valley, experts uncover bones they believe belong to a human over nine feet tall. Plus, why are dogs jumping to their death?

Episode 9

Alien Flights Of Horror

When a pilot crashes after a collision with an unknown object, could a UFO be to blame? Plus, what is the explanation for a disk hovering at O'Hare airport?

Episode 10

Voodoo Zombies/Life After Death

Resurrections in Haiti lead to rumours of zombies. Plus, transplant patients complain of side effects, possibly passed on from their donors.

Episode 11

Shadow People And The Sun Miracle

A derelict school appears to be haunted by 'shadow people'. Plus, witnesses in a hillside town report inexplicable sun activity. But is it a hoax?

Episode 12

Aliens, Monsters And Demons: The New Evidence

Examines exclusive evidence from the investigative files - from increased reports of demonic activity to possible proof of UFOs.

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