Episode 1

Modern Day Brady Bunch

In a small Utah town, Erica and Spencer Shemwell have formed the modern day "Brady Bunch" with their 11 kids - but blending two families isn't always easy!

Episode 2

Let's Talk About Sex

Aimee's mum comes to visit, stirring up Erica's insecurities and causing a confrontation. Erica and Spencer need to have "the sex talk" with the older kids.

Episode 3

Step Kid Swap

Erica and Spencer have a step-kid swap to build better bonds with their stepchildren. Then, four of Erica's seven kids get their annual MRI screening for cancer cells.

Episode 4

Nature Calls

The Shemwells take the family on a camping trip while potty training the three youngest children. Meanwhile, Emma and Harper can't get along.

Episode 5

Princess Spencer

Erica goes on a girls' trip with her friend, leaving Spencer with the kids. Then, Quinn stops by to find Spencer dressed as a princess.

Episode 6

Baby One More Time?

The adoption is finally here, and Emma is adamantly opposed to changing her last name. Erica's brother doesn't hide his feelings about a possible 12th baby.

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