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29th January



Coming Soon

Episode 1

Lone Star

When Doris Angleton is shot in her home, cops think it's linked to her husband's bookmaking business. But she had her secrets, like an affair that began in AOL chatrooms.

Coming Soon

Episode 2

The New Girl

In rural Indiana, the badly burned body of a young woman is found in a field. Investigators discover links to witchcraft, troubled teens, and a love triangle.

Coming Soon

Episode 3

Death Of An Angel

The wild Club Kids rule New York City nightlife with their crazy antics, until one of their own goes missing and a body is found on shores of Staten Island.

Coming Soon

Episode 4

Lords Of Chaos

The community of Fort Myers, Florida, is rocked when the historic Coca-Cola plant explodes. But after a beloved teacher is shot, a culture of gang violence emerges.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

Roid Rage

When a young couple vanishes from their estate and their Lamborghini appears in the Everglades, officers fear they are victims of a gang of brutal bodybuilders.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Dangerous Minds

Jonathan Levin, a popular high school teacher, is found dead in his NYC apartment. When police reveal he's the son of a wealthy executive, it sparks a media storm.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Soldier Of Misfortune

Pvt. Tracie McBride had just started military intelligence training when she was kidnapped from a laundry room. The hunt for her unveils a tale of horror.

Jan 29


Episode 8

Don't Ask Don't Tell

In 1992, Allen Schindler, a young American sailor, is beaten to death in Japan. When his body returns home, his mother is determined to find the killer.

Feb 4


Episode 9

A House In The Woods

When Lisa Carlson is found killed in her home, it's thought that robbers surprised her during an intimate moment and killed her. But the scene was staged.

Feb 5


Episode 10

A Dangerous Man

In July 1996, thousands are at Centennial Park for the Atlanta Olympics when a bomb explodes. The FBI investigates terrorism but end up tracking a serial bomber.