Episode 1

The Hairy Wolf Tattoo

At all-female artist tattoo shop, Ink Ink, a hairy client requires Kelsey to call the local waxing salon - and things get heated at a girls' night out!

Episode 2


A grandma wants a tattoo of roses on her backside - and fast! A tiger attack survivor wants a tattoo to help him move on, and Kelsey makes a shock...

Episode 3

Stealing Clients

Nikki and Megan give a cold welcome to new artist Liz - but are their fears justified? Kelsey tries to maintain peace in the shop, while trying to care for...

Episode 4

Tattooing Your Entire Face

Liz's client struggles with a shocking face tattoo, and Kelsey closes the shop for a day on the river to ease the tension between the girls.

Episode 5

A Shop Divided

A funky local girl gets shaved for her head tattoo! Kelsey has an emotional breakdown when her dad stops by, and Brittany faces a difficult and gory piercing.

Episode 6

Nothing Is Permanent

After tattooing over the scar of a burn victim, Megan gets unwanted criticism from Liz. At dinner, the girls get shocking news that may affect Ink Ink's future.

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