Episode 1

Start Your Engines

In the lead-up to the second Mega Race, NASCAR racing superstar Karl Busch presents a catch up of the rivalry the 405 crew and Gas Monkey garage.

Episode 2

Build To Mega Race: Gear 1

After losing to the 405 in the Mega Race, Richard Rawlings wants a re-match. Plus, the Fired Up crew call out Farmtruck and AZN to a race of their own.

Episode 3

Build To Mega Race: Gear 2

The Gas Monkey crew works hard to make sure their chassis will allow the car to drive straight. But bad weather stops them from making good test passes.

Episode 4

Build To Mega Race: Gear 3

The Fired Up crews starts their build but tempers flare, threatening to halt the build entirely. Plus, Farmtruck and AZN transform the Gonorail.

Episode 5

Build To Mega Race: Gear 4

With their builds complete, Farmtruck, AZN and the Misfits make some pre-race test runs. But both teams struggle with technical issues that must be fixed.

Episode 6

Driver's Meeting

Farmtruck and AZN reveal the pre-race testing and modifications as the Gas Monkey and 405 crews prep their cars for the second Mega Race.

Episode 7

The Mega Race 2

It's Oklahoma vs Texas as each team arrives in Arizona for the rematch. The 405 is up against the Gas Monkey crew, while Farmtruck and AZN face the Fired up...