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26th January



Coming Soon

Episode 1

Drop The Gloves

Ryan Martin teams up with the racers from 405 to prepare for a fierce new season set to kick off at Maryland International Raceway. Texas is also on hand to...

Coming Soon

Episode 2

Team Tension

Oklahoma and Texas team up to ensure one of their own takes the points victory but tensions are high. Games and delays threaten Ryan's ascent back to the top.

Coming Soon

Episode 3

Bad Blood

The Texas-Oklahoma rivalry is stronger than ever as the racers head to England Dragway. Kye decides it's time for NOLA to get back together despite past differences.

Coming Soon

Episode 4

The NOLA Threat

Round two begins at New England Dragway and the NOLA racers mean business. Lizzy, Scott and Kye lead the charge but OKC and Texas won't go down without a fight.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

No Prep, No Problem

Racers arrive in St. Louis. With their sights set on another victory, a new challenger emerges with a promise to shake things up.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

No Flukes Allowed

The racers enter round two in St. Louis and newcomer Big Chief is making big moves to show he's a force to be reckoned with. Team NOLA make its presence...

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Look Out For The Lockup

The racers are in Idaho for the fourth race of the season and everyone hopes to chase down Lizzy. Reaper struggles to form a team out of a group of...

Coming Soon

Episode 8

Outcast Mentality

NOLA shows no signs of slowing down as racers head into round 2 in Idaho. Meanwhile, teamwork doesn't come naturally to the newly-formed Team Outcast.

Coming Soon

Episode 9

Whatever It Takes

The racers head to Illinois for the season's fifth event. The competition is prepared to do anything to get ahead - even if it involves fighting.

Coming Soon

Episode 10

Game On

Team NOLA is seeking revenge as the racers move into the second round at route 66 raceway. Ryan is ready to fight to keep his points lead but Disco Dean...

Coming Soon

Episode 11

Turbo Trouble

The drivers battle in a nail-biting race at Bandimere Speedway in Colorado. The Rocky Mountain air proves to be a challenge for Ryan and the other turbo racers.

Jan 26


Episode 12

Ruler Of The Mountain

Conditions remain unforgiving as the racers move into round 2 at Colorado's Bandimere Speedway. Who will be crowned King or Queen of the Mountain?

Jan 26


Episode 13

Texas' Last Stand

The points race has heated up and the racers are willing to do anything to get ahead. Ryan still leads in points but Lizzy and Kye are hot on his...

Jan 26


Episode 14

Callout Karma

The race to be tops of the points table is on in full force. Points leader Ryan becomes painfully aware of the consequences of his decisions when it matters most.

Jan 26


Episode 15

Down To The Wire

Only two races remain and the points championship is coming down to the wire. Ryan feels the pressure as Team NOLA's racers pull out all the stops.

Jan 28


Episode 16

It Ain't Over Yet

Round two of the seventh race begins. Team NOLA still have a chance to impact the points standings if any of the leaders draw one of their names.

Jan 29


Episode 17

Double Down

The No Prep Kings Championship tours around America, testing racers' ability to drive on the rough, untested and relentless tracks. Who will win the $40,000 prize?

Jan 30


Episode 18

Do Or Die

The No Prep Kings Championship tours around America, testing racers' ability to drive on the rough, untested and relentless tracks. Who will win the $40,000 prize?