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Plural dating is complicated – more people, more problems! Three families are seeking, dating or transitioning a new sister wife into their lives.


Episode 1

Seeking Can Be A Shock

Danielle Davis isn't ready for a fourth wife. The Sherwoods seek an unusual second wife. The Merrifields finally let go of Roberta for a new relationship.

Episode 2

Seeking Danielle Davis

The Merrifields fly to Mexico to meet Nathalia. Shane Sherwood doesn't like Ashley's girlfriend. The Davises are heartbroken when Danielle moves out.

Episode 3

Seeking Something Real

The Merrifields finally meet Nathalia and have a batty time. Becky Ryan is Justin's ultimate wingman. The Sherwoods decide to break it off with Grace.

Episode 4

Seeking The Truth

Nathalia worries Dannielle is hesitant about adding a wife. Plus, Ashley Sherwood meets with a potential sister-wife, and the Ryans prepare for a date.

Episode 5

Seeking Can Be Complicated...

Dannielle and Nathalia confront Garrick about his use of dating apps. Plus, April and Danielle Davis have an emotional heart-to-heart.

Episode 6

Seeking Commitment

The Merrifields prepare to propose to Nathalia. The Salahuddins blindside Naeem's mother with unexpected news. The Sherwoods go on a group date.

Episode 7

Seeking Answers

The Davises decide if they're ready to start dating again. The Salahuddins date a much younger woman. The Ryans question their lifestyle.

Episode 8

Seeking The Unexpected

The Ryans meet a new potential sister wife. Shane Sherwood worries he'll lose Ashley to another woman. Dannielle calls Garrick with shocking news.

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