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Plural dating is complicated – more people, more problems! Three families are seeking, dating or transitioning a new sister wife into their lives.


Episode 1

Who Doesn't Like Thirds

The Davises and the Foleys each navigate their way through polygamy. The Merrifields haven't seen Roberta in over a year and have decided to seek a third.

Episode 2

Little Do They Know

The Merrifields court Lea despite Roberta's disapproval. The Epps eye a friend as a possible wife. The Foleys hope to bring potential wife April into the family.

Episode 3

Cant Clip These Wings

The Epps are dating, but not everyone is on the same page. Red flags leave the Merrifields questioning Lea. Nick Davis brings home a surprise.

Episode 4

Three's A Crowd

India is unsure about Bina and puts limitations on Marcus. Brenda feels more like a third wheel than a sister wife. Sidian goes to the Philippines to meet Arielle.

Episode 5

Do You Have Condoms?

The Davises take Danielle on a weekend trip to see how she gels with the group. Meanwhile, India Epps faces criticism about her lifestyle on her birthday.

Episode 6

A Distant Dream

Steve's daughter slams the Foleys for their plural lifestyle. Sidian meets Arielle for the first time. The Merrifields focus on getting wife-to-be Roberta to the US.

Episode 7

Roses Are Red, But Not On The Bed!

The Merrifields move into a new house as doubt looms about Roberta. Meanwhile, the Epps are divided on sex and dating.

Episode 8

In Love With Your Big Brain

Brenda meets with April to help improve their communication. The Davises end their staycation with some worries. Marcus Epps prepares for a date.

Episode 9

You Want The Juicy Details?

Dannielle feels Garrick and Roberta shouldn't try for a baby until she's in Colorado. Sidian courts Arielle as Tosha's mum questions the lifestyle.

Episode 10

So Many Things Could Go Wrong

The Merrifields visit Brazil to visit Roberta and book her ticket to America! Plus, the Davises prepare for the unexpected arrival of a new baby girl.

Episode 11

Brazil Or Bust

The Merrifields worry that Roberta's mum will not approve of her coming to the US. Plus, Janae reveals her feelings to Marcus after talking with his wives.

Episode 12

An Emotional Rollercoaster

Tensions rise when Marcus doesn't return home after his date with Janae. Plus, April's age shocks the Foley's son, and the Davises propose to Danielle.

Episode 13

No Kiss Friends

Emotions run high when Roberta learns the truth about Garrick and Lea. The Epps discuss the pros and cons of Bina and Janae, and the Foley's ask April to move...

Episode 14

Mr. And Mrs. And Mrs. ...And Mrs.

After visiting sister wife-to-be Roberta, the Merrifields eagerly prepare for her arrival. The Davises plan a commitment ceremony for Danielle.

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