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Coming Soon

Episode 1

Mistley Maltings

In Southampton, the new cable-eating machine is ready to turn scrap into gold. Plus, the metal from a disused aeroplane is being turned into a profit in Hampshire.

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Episode 2

Fire Tower

A training tower for firefighters in is pulled apart. Plus, in Cheshire, Steve and Luke help a boat on its last journey and in Hampshire a scrap yard is torn...

Coming Soon

Episode 3

Ealing Plaza

In London, work stops after asbestos is found on the half demolished 6th floor of an office block. In Lytham St Annes, a collapsed wall causes problems for the crew.

Coming Soon

Episode 4

Pete's Pub

In Blackpool, an old pub is pulled down and in Portsmouth the boat breakers break up an unused and unloved yacht. Plus, a house is cleared of its treasures.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

Ockford Ridge

In Surrey, the team demolish a 1930's housing estate. Meanwhile, some cars are crushed by monster trucks and old motorcycle parts are turned into a metallic art piece.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Anchor Church

In Blackpool, a 1930s Church is ready to be buried. Meanwhile, in Sussex the team attempt to resurrect a vintage limousine from the 1980s into a banger racer.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Cable Car

On the Channel Islands the team have a difficult task demolishing an old cable car station. Plus, in Dorset, a statue for a war veteran is being made from scrap...

Coming Soon

Episode 8

Botley Shops

In Botley, Oxfordshire, a 1960s shopping centre is being pulled apart to make way for a church, library and a community centre. The project will take over three months.

Coming Soon

Episode 9

Rutland Reformation

In Rutland, during the demolition of a hallway house, the team find a very valuable asset. Meanwhile, in Poole a 20-ft yacht is scrapped.

Coming Soon

Episode 10

Jersey Walkway

A concrete and steel walkway drops in one piece, causing issues in Jersey. And in Scotland, blacksmiths search for discarded metal chains to forge into a sculpture.

Coming Soon

Episode 11

Swimming Pool Smash

In Hampshire, an old leisure centre is torn to the ground. Then, in Lincolnshire a team scour military settings for old weaponry that can be turned into cash.

Coming Soon

Episode 11

Bradford Blow Down

In Bradford, an iconic landmark, once voted the ugliest building in the country, is demolished. Plus, at a factory in Halifax, rusty iron is turned into profit!

Coming Soon

Episode 12

North Vs. South

In Bristol, the Suspension Bridge is shut down whilst the tollbooths are updated. Plus, a vintage Jaguar is pulled from scrap and converted into a banger racer.

Coming Soon

Episode 12

Cell Door Explosion

Gary is in Bingley, West Yorkshire, to tear down an old police station without destroying the entire building. And, a man turns scrap metal into sculptures.

Coming Soon

Episode 13

Knobbly Robot

In Surrey, a house is pulled down and the team love finding original fixtures to sell for profit. In Cambridgeshire, metal traders break down massive machines.

Coming Soon

Episode 14

Barrington Bang

In South Cambridgeshire, an iconic 62-metre tower takes its final bow. In Gloucestershire, a broken digger causes problems and in Sussex, the team gets creative.

Coming Soon

Episode 17

Seven Million Dollar Man

In Preston, a garage is demolished in the freezing weather. Then in Lincolnshire, a shipping vessel could be massive profit for the team pulling her apart.

Coming Soon

Episode 18

Pesky Pigeons

In Grimsby, the team have their work cut out for them when they demolish a pigeon infested shopping centre. And, in Norfolk a sculptor takes scrap metal from a farm.

Coming Soon

Episode 19

Sliced Up Yacht

In Yorkshire, a team struggle to pull apart a retired yacht. Plus, in Lewisham a tower block is demolished and in Lancashire a tractor reveals treasure.

Coming Soon

Episode 20

Flour Mill Dust

In Yorkshire, a famous flour mill is demolished but freak weather conditions threaten the project. Plus, in Derbyshire, a pub spooks the team trying to tear it down.