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9th December


About The Show

Freight and passenger railroads are the lifeblood of Canada’s isolated mountain communities. And, every winter train crews battle ferocious weather and treacherous terrain.


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Episode 1


When a massive snowstorm hits the mountain railroad, an avalanche warning threatens to derail one of Canadian Pacific's most important $50 million loads.

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Episode 2

Tunnel To Hell

Train crews in the Rockies must haul their 15,000 ton grain train through ice-encrusted tunnels to make their delivery on time.

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Episode 3

Bridge Over Hel Creek

Canadian Pacific Railway crews transport a huge payload of coal across the Rockies. Plus, a hockey team is stranded in the frozen wilderness.

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Episode 4

Deadly Washout

A spike in the temperature threatens Rocky Mountain's shipments. The team struggle to shore up the track after mudslides and washouts devastate the rail-line.

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Episode 5


Winter may be over but spring presents a whole new set of dangers on the Rocky Mountain railroad. Lethal rockslides threaten Canadian Pacific's longest and heaviest train.

Dec 9


Episode 6

Record Breaking Haul

Canadian Pacific freight crews tackle one of their most challenging loads. The team attempt to haul a 210-tonne reactor on an epic cross country journey.

Dec 16


Episode 7

Perfect Storm

It's spring in the Rockies and the repair teams are out in all force. Veteran conductor Jordy Hunter must dodge the operations in order to make his delivery on time.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

The Longest Journey

It's Canada's 150th birthday and to celebrate, the Canadian Pacific Railway is taking a perfectly restored, vintage train on an epic journey from coast to coast.