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One hundred years ago, Robert Ripley embarked on a quest like no other. He travelled to the furthest reaches of the globe for the unusual, unearthing the breath-taking feats and uncanny abilities that captivated men, women and children alike.

Today the adventure continues as, in this series, actor Bruce Campbell reveals even more of the world’s wonders and astonishing real-life stories. He showcases naturally gifted people who dazzle audiences with every move they make as they push themselves beyond the brink – even if it means risking their lives.

From the tightrope-walking couple who got married in a death-defying stunt to a contortionist whose talents took him all the way to Hollywood, these incredible individuals must be seen to be believed.


Episode 1

Natural Born Thrillers

Actor Bruce Campbell showcases six naturally gifted people. They have all dazzled audiences with the moves they make and the breaths they take!

Episode 2

Beyond Driven

Actor Bruce Campbell showcases hyper-driven people. These wonders have put themselves at risk and pushed their talent to the limit in order to impress their audiences.

Episode 3


Actor Bruce Campbell showcases people who test their limits, risk their lives and skirt the edge of sanity. How far will they go to put on a good show?

Episode 4

Invisible Worlds

Bruce Campbell showcases unseen places and spaces where the scary blends with the surprising to create some truly incredible treasures.

Episode 5

Building The Impossible

Bruce Campbell showcases the extraordinary companies and people who have brought cool, impractical and seemingly unattainable ideas to life.

Episode 6

Forces Of Nature

Bruce Campbell reveals the story of John the Hammerhead in Massachusetts. He claims to have one of the strongest skulls in the world that he uses to break anything!

Episode 7

Surviving The Odds

Bruce Campbell reveals the story of Bruce Cook, the daredevil motorbike rider performing mind-blowing tricks. And, he introduces the escape artist, Rick Maisel.

Episode 8

Great Obsessions

Actor Bruce Campbell reveals the story of a record-breaking surfing dog. Plus, he introduces Jeff 'Speedycop' Bloch, who drives unbelievable cars in unusual ways.

Episode 9

The Curious Case Of...

Actor Bruce Campbell reveals the story of the inventor Joseph Herscher. Plus, he introduces a hand-balancer who performs with his pet Chihuahua, Scooby Doo.

Episode 10

The Defiant Ones

Actor Bruce Campbell showcases extraordinary people who disregard all expectations as they test the limits of human endurance and defy the laws of physics.

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