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About The Show

A full-throttle journey exploring unique custom-built cars, from the designing and building, and into the passenger seat of these extreme rides.


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Episode 1

Time Capsule

Discover remarkable vehicles, as unique as the men who built them. Randy Ema works on restoring a very rare Duesenberg car discovered by chat show host Jay Leno.

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Episode 2


See the creation and completion of one of the most amazing handmade cars ever built. The skilled craftsmen work to finish it in time for the Detroit Autorama.

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Episode 3

Under Pressure

See the ultimate 'paint-off' between renowned airbrushing artist Mike LaVallee, and a new kid on the block, in a one-of-a-kind competition.

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Episode 4

Foose's '69

The build team that transformed the famous Eleanor from Gone In Sixty Seconds is starting a new line of cars, beginning with a reworked '69 Camaro.

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Episode 5


In Atlanta, take to the speedway to burn rubber with a set of muscle cars in 24 different classes. Find out which deserves the top honour.

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Episode 6

Roush Charges

See three fast and exciting new builds, including a '05 GT Mustang for the Roush racing operation that includes five Winston Cup teams and two Craftsman Truck teams.

Coming Soon

Episode 7


The makers of the Corvette unveil the new Z06 and transform it into a whole new breed of race machine - a beast called the C6R.

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Episode 8


Nobody has put more into car building than the folks at Miller. To mark their 75th anniversary, they're building a radical 1929 truck.

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Episode 9

Bad Check

Follow the design and build of a chequered-up vintage version of the Big Apple's iconic set of wheels - the yellow cab.

Coming Soon

Episode 10


Rides joins GM to unveil the Chevrolet HHR, then undertakes its own massive challenge - building four HHRs, each with its own unique spin.

Coming Soon

Episode 11

ZZ Chop

Car customiser Jerry Noone tricks out ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons' classic Cadillac, adding another hot rodder to the rocker's collection.

Coming Soon

Episode 12

Ultimate Offroad

Witness the fiercest, fastest race of some of the world's meanest off-road vehicles - it's the ultimate test of traction, action and endurance.

Coming Soon

Episode 13

Eleanor's Big Bro

Follow the restoration of a brand new '05 Mustang. It's faster and hipper than Eleanor, the famous 1967 Mustang rebuild from the film Gone in 60 Seconds.

Coming Soon

Episode 14

Hollywood Speed

Get under the bonnet of the German beauty, Porsche. See a clone of James Dean's 1955 550 Porsche being built, whilst Jay Leno takes his elite Carrera GT for a...

Coming Soon

Episode 15

Summer School

Discover a new twist on resto-modifying, as students work on a 1970 Chevelle SS convertible, installing a 620 horsepower engine and four-speed overdrive automatic.