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15th December


About The Show

In the heart of California’s cowboy country, twin brothers build incredible creations from majestic hunks of reclaimed redwood, including an elaborate Hobbit-themed playhouse.


Coming Soon

Episode 2

South Dakota Shoot Out

A returning client hires Ron and John to construct a 10-gun, camping-themed shooting gallery featuring an animatronic hillbilly bear, for his flagship store.

Coming Soon

Episode 3

Shiver Me Timbers

The Daniels are commissioned by a couple to build a pirate-themed treehouse for their grandchildren. But will the kids be impressed with their efforts?

Coming Soon

Episode 4

Gold Rush Roadhouse

A farmer wants to create a roadside attraction for travellers. With a tight deadline, the guys design an authentic millhouse that pays tribute to the gold rush.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

San Francisco Dungeon

The Daniels Wood Land team is commissioned to create a dungeon attraction in San Francisco's historic Fisherman's Wharf, detailing the city's 200 year history.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Ships Ahoy

The Marine Museum of the Great Lakes asks the team to create three large-scale replicas of ships that sank in the Great Lakes during the previous three centuries.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Monkey Mansion Dream House

The team is hired to build a custom treehouse for a family, but their design must be extraordinary and be suitable for a range of ages and personalities.

Dec 22


Episode 8

Christmas Holiday Special

In time for Christmas, the team design, build and install a reclaimed, Gothic-inspired fantasy playground for a group of ex-service women and their kids.

Coming Soon

Episode 10

Redwood Renaissance

For one of the largest amusement trade show in the world, the crew constructs a massive medieval workshop with a thirty-two foot high windmill tower.

Coming Soon

Episode 12

Hog Wild in the Heartland

John Daniels and his crew launch their most extreme project to date - a cartoon-style clubhouse for a pig farm in freezing conditions in Indiana.

Coming Soon

Episode 13

The Wood Life

Ron and John's mum wants an old oak tree removed before it falls on the family house. Plus, John and the crew give insider tips and reveal their favourite projects.

Coming Soon

Episode 14

Trash to Treasure

The team are on a road trip to California to reclaim some huge fallen coastal Redwoods, to make a replica wooden cross for the historic San Antonio mission.

Dec 15


Episode 15

Coney Island Shoot Out

21st century technology meets vintage Americana as Ron, John & their crew create a Coney Island style shooting gallery with sophisticated infrared beams.

Dec 22


Episode 16

Holly Madison's Chicks

Holly Madison orders a chicken coop to contain her husband's growing chicken obsession. The guys create a one of a kind French Medieval inspired enclosure.