Episode 1

I Might Die Today

Daredevils rig and walk thin ropes 500 feet in the air, risking it all.

Episode 2

Getting Sketchy

"Sketchy" Andy leads a stunt that drops the crew off a 400-foot cliff.

Episode 3

Why They Say Goodbye

Sylvan doesn't say goodbye before a risky stunt and his girlfriend is anguished.

Episode 4

Just Tape The Bolts

Struggling to rig an epic line, cutting corners puts the crew in danger.

Episode 5

Going Full Man

Emotions run high as the crew's best highliners are tested by Castleton, one of the most challenging and dangerous locations in the sport.

Episode 6

Epic Or Not

All in to break the US record, the team descends on Colorado. When a massive winter storm puts them at risk, Andy is devastated and turns on everyone.

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