Episode 1

Naughty by Nature

Check out the hilarious psychology behind strangers lying to save a man's marriage, a taste test gone terribly wrong, and an outrageous VIP laundromat experience.

Episode 2

Very Important Sheeple

Find out what happens when people are scared into fight or flight, offered unusual VIP services, and when their personal space is invaded.

Episode 3

Masters of Deception

Find out what happens when you see what's not there, over-sympathize with strangers, and fight back against authority.

Episode 4

Dirty Minds

Watch what happens when walking on water makes you feel a little woozy, and when you're forced to hear a couple's intimate conversation about sausages.

Episode 5

Liars and Lovers

Watch what happens when a marriage proposal goes down the drain, a stranger falling into your lap, and a voodoo doll creeping you out like you've ever seen.

Episode 6

Space Invaders

Watch what happens when a stunt driver goes in disguise to take a driver's test, and when a stranger gets way too close for comfort.

Episode 7

Public Displays of Rejection

Check out the hilarious psych behind having your space invaded by a life-size teddy bear, and runway host, and ridiculous close-talker.

Episode 8

When Snowmen Attack

Watch what happens when a baby floats away with balloons, a car alarm gets personal, and some tough guys get more than they bargained for.

Episode 9

Flash Mob Freak-Out

What would you do if a stranger popped a kid's balloon, and what would you do if a stranger popped you the question?

Episode 10

Emotional Support Goat

Discover the hilarious psychology behind pranks and practical jokes as the public are unwittingly put to the test by a collection of experts and tricksters.

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